Spring 2013

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Undocumented immigrants

  • Young undocumented immigrants seek driver's licenses
    by Maria Plana
    A six-month fray ended with a ruling to allow young immigrants to drive. . . .

    Same-sex marriage

  • Being transgender in straight America
    by Ashley Cole
    Same-sex marriage is gaining a lot of attention in the face of forthcoming decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court . . .

  • The kids are alright: Growing up in the modern family
    by Kean Spivey
    Imagine growing up in a family that was shunned or discriminated against by mainstream society . . .

  • Interracial same-sex couples are judged
    by Lourdes Velazquez
    Same-sex unions and partnerships have been the most controversial topic . . .

    Colorism in America

  • A dream deferred: Colorism in the community
    by Curtis Brooks
    Instead of growing into a unified people of all colors, blacks have veered off the path . . .

  • Colorism affects the African-American community
    by DJ Burris
    Colorism is defined as the practice of discrimination within a particular community . . .

  • Racial divide: Light and dark struggle
    by Justin Thomas
    There is only one ethnic group that acts as if light and dark skinned are two different nationalities . . .

  •   Sexual assault

  • The truth about sexual assault on college campuses
    by Mary Hunter
    Parents want to know their child is going to be safe and they can trust the university to care for them . . .

    Interracial relationships

  • Relationships are spotted by their color
    by Rachel McAuley
    No one pays attention until he reaches out to hold his girlfriend's hand . . .

  • Interracial relationships shine through
    by Charley Heller
    Interracial couples feel comfortable coming forward . . .

  • Interracial couples show relationships on social media
    by Emily Bracey
    The '80s began a new time of progress for African Americans . . .

    Restoring for a better tomorrow

  • How UNC Pembroke must improve campus facilities
    by Tina Rodgers
    The real issue is the availability of funding to remedy current or future problems . . .

    Girls are changing

  • She no longer is Daddy's little girl
    by Kyra Ruivo
    Females constantly change and not just their bodies . . .

  • Puberty is even more precocious than before
    by Kayla Glatfelter
    Girls are maturing at an earlier age than 30 years ago . . .

  • Lipstick at 6? Use of makeup by tweens grows
    by Kelly Mayo
    Every little girl breaks into her mother's makeup bag . . .

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    The topics of these articles by students in the Investigative Journalism (JRN-4600) class in the Department of Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke have been chosen by the individual class members who wrote them. The themes, covers, sections, pages, images, graphics, videos, wikis, tweets and blogs have been designed, prepared, managed and moderated by students in the course and the themes and article topics have been reported and illustrated by the bylined individuals. Views implied or expressed in these issues are not endorsed by the professor, the department, the university, or possibly anyone else. We are grateful to those persons, agencies and institutions that have graciously provided information and images for these editions. Your comments on this series of articles are welcomed by Professor Anthony Curtis who may be contacted via e-mail at acurtis@uncp.edu or by phone at (910) 521-6616.