A spread is a large page layout of photos that tell a story. Such a page often is referred to as a photo page, a photo story, a picture story or a photo essay.


This assignment is intended to give you experience in conceiving and executing a photo spread for newspaper publication. You may select one of the following general concepts for your photo spread:


§       Covering a major event

§       Exploring a topic or trend

§       Profiling a personality

§       Telling a story

§       Displaying objects/places


Like a good essay, a good photo story must be planned.


§       A picture story requires a central idea or theme before shooting starts.

§       While serendipitous results might come from haphazard shooting, experience teaches that good picture stories are not stumbled across, but developed carefully.


Hereıs how to create a good picture story:


§       Plan the story first, then shoot it.

§       Choose a dominant picture.

§       Avoid the cluttered look from crowding too many pictures into the available space.

§       Use a caption with each picture and an overall headline to tie the package together.

§       Limit captions to a maximum length. Readers like to leap from picture to picture, so captions should be short.

§       A caption can be related to its picture by proximity, by key letter or number, or by an arrow. Proximity is best.

§       Donıt put a caption far from a photo. The readerıs eye moves repeatedly from photo to caption and to photo.

§       Arrange similar captions to have the same width, type and number of lines.

§       Avoid those so-called ³rivers of gray² caused by captions meeting irregularly near the same level.

§       You must focus on the individual pictures while exhibiting a continuity from photograph to photograph. You can create that continuity with a central block of story copy that describes the pictures as a group.

§       Face pictures toward the related text.

§       Focus simultaneously on a subject or personality as well as a theme or mood.


This assignment is due no later than March 18, 2004. In addition to photos, include a headline, text block and captions. For submission, lay out and paste up your photo spread on a standard newspaper broadside-size paper sheet ­ 13" wide by 21" deep.

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