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Anthony R. Curtis, Ph.D., Professor, Mass Communication Department, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Dr. Tony Curtis
Meet the Professor
Anthony R. Curtis, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Mass Communication
Director, UNCP in Second Life Campus
University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Office: 247 Old Main, Pembroke, NC 28372
Office phone: (910) 521-6616
Dept office: (910) 522-5723
Fax: (910) 522-5795

  • Ph.D., Mass Communication, Union Institute & University
  • M.A., with distinction, Political Science, Pennsylvania State University
  • B.A., Journalism, Pennsylvania State University
Faculty Senate (senator 2006-2012, 2013-2016, chair 2008-2010)
Executive Committee (chair 2008-2010, member 2007-2010, 2013-2014)
Faculty & Institutional Affairs Committee (chair 2007-2008, 2013-2014)
Academic Affairs Committee (member 2007-2008, 2010-2011)
Curriculum Subcommittee (chair 2007-2008, member 2002-2008)
Faculty Hearing Committee (member 2013-present)
Faculty Governance Committee (member 2012-2013)
Faculty Handbook Revision Committee (member 2011-2012)
Chancellor's Budgetary Advisory Council (member 2010-2012, 2013-present)
Tuition Subcommittee (member 2011-2012)
Salary Subcommittee (member 2012)
Summer School Task Force (2013-present)
Strategic Planning and Resources Council (SPARC) (2005-2007, 2008-present)
UNCP Quality Enhancement Plan Committee (QEP) (member 2006-present)
Pembroke Undergraduate Research & Creativity Council (PURC)
(member 2004-present)
Friends of the Library Board (FOL)
(president 2005-2007, 2013-2014, president-elect 2012-2013, member 2003-2008, 2010-2014)
Faculty-Staff Campaign Committee (2011-2012, 2012-2013)
UNCP in Second Life Campus (director 2007-present)
UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference
(TLT conference director 2009-present, program committee 2008-present)
Campus Master Plan Group (member 2011)
West Hall Space Reallocation Committee (member 2010-2011)
Student Computing Requirement Committee (member 2010-present)
College of Arts & Sciences Technology Committee (member 2008-present)
UNCP Intellectual Property Committee (member 2008-present)
North Carolina Consortium on Distance Education
in Journalism and Mass Communication (member 2004-present)
Writing Across the Curriculum Teaching Circle
(chair 2003-2005, member 2003-present)
University Threat Assessment Committee (member 2008-2010)
Provost Search Committee (member 2010-2011)
UNC Tomorrow UNCP Steering Committee (member 2008-2010)

Academic Specialties:
    Mass Communication:
    • Mass media, print media, broadcast and electronic media, computer-mediated communication, new media, social media, international communications, allied media professions, communications technology
    • Journalism, newspaper, magazine, broadcast, books, photojournalism, publishing
    • Broadcasting, radio, television, videography, convergence
    • Public relations, media relations, publicity, advertising, marketing
    • Internet, World Wide Web, Second Life, virtual worlds, social networks, global information networks
    • Multimedia production, CD-ROM, DVD, PowerPoint
    • New Media, 3D virtual reality worlds, social networks, machinima, blogs, wikis, digital storytelling, podcasts, social bookmarking, content sharing, tag clouds, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook
    Other fields of study:
    • Academic research methods, quantitative and qualitative research in social sciences, traditional scholarly methods, contemporary methods via the Internet, virtual worlds, podcasts, blogs, CD-ROM databases
    • Political science, social sciences
    • History, humanities
    • Astronomy, space science, history of science, physical sciences
    • Interpersonal communication, dyadic, small and large group, speech, interviewing, non verbal
    • Writing forms, essay, creative, business, Writing Across the Curriculum
    • Technology and society, technology in education, instructional technology
Courses taught recently:
    Mass Communication:
    • Introduction to Mass Communication
    • Writing for the Media
    • New Media of Mass Communication
    • Media and Politics
    • Media and Society
    • Media and Culture
    • World Media
    • Mass Communication Theory and Research
    • Internship
    • Investigative Journalism
    • Web Journalism/Online Journalism
    • History of American Journalism
    • Feature Writing
    • Photojournalism
    • Editorial Writing
    • Sports Journalism
    Public Relations and Advertising:
    • Introduction to Public Relations
    • Introduction to Advertising
    • Public Relations Media
    • Public Relations Case Studies
    • Broadcast Copywriting
    • Broadcast Journalism
    • Freshman Seminar
    • Introduction to Astronomy

I am Professor in the Department of Mass Communication and chair of the Faculty Senate. I teach and advise students in the department's journalism, public relations and broadcasting tracks.

Teaching: Having taught some 6,000 students at Penn State, Ohio University, Salisbury University, Hood College, Union Institute & University, Frederick Community College, WorWic Community College, and now UNCP in the University of North Carolina System, I have a deep commitment to student-centered education and serving the needs of students. I enjoy working with students in and out of the classroom and advising individuals and student groups.

I received UNCP's Outstanding Teaching Award in 2012. UNCP's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee gave me their Most Valuable Professor (MVP) award in 2012 and in 2013. Previously, students at Salisbury State, an institution in the University of Maryland System, honored me with the Outstanding Academic Advisor Award. I also was nominated for the Distinguished Faculty Award at Salisbury. At Hood College, students in Mortar Board nominated me for the college-wide Excellence In Teaching Award. I received an Outstanding Program Award from Ohio University's College of Communication. I am listed annually in Who's Who Among America's Teachers from student nominations at UNCP and UI&U. I also am listed in the national and international editions of Marquis Who's Who.

Media: I have broad experience in New Media, social media, and traditional media, such as newspapers, magazines, books, broadcasting, public relations and advertising as well as virtual reality worlds, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blogs and other communication systems on the Internet. I received the Outstanding Program Award from Ohio University's College of Communication. I have constructed several blogs and traditional websites. Among them are three very extensive sites, including Space Today Online.

Journalism: I am a professional writer, editor, publisher, producer, director, 3-D builder, and media manager with extensive experience in broadcast, newspapers, magazines, books, newsletters, public relations, advertising, websites, social networks and online virtual environments.

I have been a general assignment and special assignment newspaper reporter, regional and wire service correspondent, managing editor, editor and publisher. I have written hundreds of articles for magazines and newspapers, including such titles as Discover, Popular Mechanics, Popular Electronics, Smithsonian Air & Space, Omni, and even the former USSR Academy of Sciences journal. I have been technology columnist for the American Association of University Administrators newsletter and an article reviewer for the refereed journal Quest, The History of Spaceflight Quarterly. I continue to practice as a blogger and magazine feature writer as well as online columnist.

Publications: I have authored 72 books and hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles.

Those books have been about a variety of topics including computers, communications, space science and astronomy, and health. My Space Almanac was chosen Outstanding Academic Book by the American Library Association. That book and my Space Satellite Handbook, my Outer Space Frequency Directory, and other titles have been in many libraries. Several titles have been national bestsellers. My multimedia CD-ROM electronic book, Space: A Visual History of Manned Spaceflight, incorporates 100 videos with my text. Thirteen of my articles will be published in July 2010 in the two-volume Space Exploration and Humanity: A Historical Encyclopedia.

I founded and edit Space Today Online at – one of only twelve private Internet publications granted a link from NASA's hotlist page. I am known as a space policy analyst asked regularly by media to analyze events. For instance, I was a guest panelist on the show Global Journalist on "The Future of Space Exploration and International Cooperation" on the University of Missouri-Columbia public radio station.

Public relations: I was press secretary and speechwriter for the Governor of Pennsylvania at Harrisburg, and public relations director for the Pennsylvania portion of a national U.S. Presidential election campaign. I was employed by the public relations office at Pennsylvania State University and have volunteered public relations services for Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in Virginia, where I have done voice-over narration of video history documentaries.

Broadcasting: At commercial broadcast stations in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, I held on-air and management positions, working as operations director, program director, producer, director, news reporter, news director, videographer, sound person, narrator, program announcer and talent-personality. I was a television and radio producer for Ohio University's public stations WOUB TV/FM/AM where I produced and directed television and radio documentaries while simultaneously instructing College of Communication students in TV and radio documentary and dramatic program and public affairs program production. I helped Salisbury State University students start their SSU-TV station.

Photography: My photography has been published in numerous periodical and book media and won ribbon awards in juried exhibitions. I was photography editor for Popular Mechanics magazine in New York City. I have taught Photojournalism at UNCP for 12 years.

Computer-mediated communication: I have a national reputation as an innovator in academic information engineering, online education, and global computer-mediated mass communication. I have been delivering courses online since 1997. I am skilled in creating multidimensional learning environments on the Web. I have constructed three 3,000-page Web sites from scratch – Salisbury State University, Union Institute & University, and Space Today Online. I am accomplished in blogging, podcasting, social networking, and virtual worlds. I edit news aggregator sites about new media and social media, and space and astronomy.
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  • New Media Today:
  • New Media blog:
  • World Media blog:
  • Space website:
  • New Space News:
  • Second Edition blog:
  • Facebook:
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  • Second Life Wiki:
  • Flickr:
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  • UNCP in Second Life campus:
Virtual-reality communication: I have extensive experience as a resident of Second Life, a user-built on-line community simulation where I have delivered academic course materials, conducted faculty development workshops, and directed conferences with hundreds of participants. I designed and built, and am director of, the UNCP in Second Life campus. I am director of the UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference, an annual scholarly event now held in Second Life.

My experience includes building and scripting in 3-D virtual-reality worlds, principally the Second Life environment where I have constructed an 88,000 square meter public park and two generations of in-world campuses for UNCP, which include some 50 buildings and outdoor learning spaces. I have been active in Second Life education, political journalism and social networks. My photos from the real world as well as from Second Life are displayed at several in-world galleries.

One of my blogs, Second Edition, describes the passing scene and traces the society, culture, politics and economics of Second Life. With it, I examine the emerging society with millions of residents displaying personalities, spawning controversies, and generating innovations. Together, they have cultural identity, social norms and a loose-knit global organization. As in real life, cultural expression is of the utmost importance to the residents of Second Life. My blog reports on the intertwining of the lives of people, both public and private.

Management: I have extensive academic administration experience and business management experience, including Executive Assistant to the President, and Chief of Staff, Office of the President, at the Union Institute & University, where I also held the posts of Director of the Center for Strategic Planning, Dean for Academic Information Services, Webmaster, and Professor in the Center for Distance Learning.

I was Director of the Maryland Summer Center for the Arts at Salisbury State University. I was Chair of the Department of Mass Communication at UNCP.

I have been a member of several academic re-accreditation and licensure committees for the colleges and universities where I have served, including at UNCP.

I was vice president and director of editorial for Tab Books, now a division of McGraw-Hill, where I supervised 175 creative persons in-house, 600 authors, a $10-million budget, and production of 150 new titles a year. Then with Dr. Judy Curtis, I founded ARCsoft Publishers, which produced national bestselling books with global sales.

I served as an editor for Popular Mechanics magazine and then founded Modern Electronics magazine, creating a staff of editors, authors and artists.

  • Apple Distinguished Educator, 2000-present
  • Educational Advisor to the American Radio Relay League, 2000-present
  • NASA Solar System Ambassador, 2000-present
  • Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 2000-present, nominated by students
  • Marquis Who's Who, 2004-present
  • Marquis International Who's Who, 2006-present
  • Faculty Senator, University of North Carolina at Pembroke, 2006-2012
  • Outstanding Teaching Award, UNC-Pembroke.
  • Outstanding Academic Advisor Award, Salisbury State University
  • Distinguished Faculty Award, nominee, Salisbury State University
  • Excellence In Teaching Award, nominee, Mortar Board, Hood College
  • Outstanding Newswriting, C.B. Lartz Award, Sharon Herald daily newspaper
  • Outstanding Program Award for radio and television production, College of Communication, Ohio University
  • Awards for public service communications work on behalf of communities in disasters
  • Web sites have received awards for design and content.


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