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The Hawaiian word wiki means quick. On the Internet, a wiki is a collaborative Web site displaying the collective work of many authors. A wiki is something like a blog in structure and logic, but a work shared mutually by many editors. While a blog usually is edited by one person and does not allow visitors to change its content other than adding comments, a wiki allows a group of persons to edit, delete or modify content. There are hundreds of thousands of public and private wikis in use on the Internet.

Wikipedia is a wiki used to create a free, collaborative, international, multilingual encyclopedia on the Internet.

Today Wikipedia is not only the largest wiki on the Web, but also the largest and most popular general reference work on the Internet. Criticism of Wikipedia:

Wikipedia has rules and guidelines to prevent errors and bias in its entries: While Wikipedia editors seek verifiability and a neutral point of view, its reliability and accuracy have been criticized. Critics say the online encyclopedia is biased and favors consensus over credentials among its editors and contributors. They see inconsistencies and undue emphasis on popular culture. It's susceptible to vandalism and the addition of unverified bad information. However, scholarly examination of Wikipedia has found that vandalism is corrected quickly. One investigation found that Wikipedia science articles were close to the level of accuracy of Encyclopedia Britannica with a similar error rate.
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