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Broadcast and electronic media today are portable sources of entertainment and information distributed by wired and wireless radio and television stations and networks, sound and video recordings, and the mobile Internet.

They offer informative and entertaining content of both general and special interest.

Their competitors include the traditional print media: books, newspapers, magazines and newsletters. However, today many radio and television stations and networks publish digital electronic editions or versions on the Internet alongside the publishers of books, newspapers, magazines and newsletters.

This coming together on global networks has been called convergence.

Audio Recordings
Video Recordings
 Mobile Web or Mobile Internet

Mobile Web and Mobile Internet employs a Web browser on a mobile device such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet computer to access the Internet via a wireless network.

The Seven Mass Media
  1. Print media - books, newspapers, magazines, newsletters
  2. Recordings media - music, records, tapes, cartridges, cassettes, discs
  3. Film media - cinema, movies, tapes, cassettes, discs
  4. Radio media - music, information, drama, comedy, wired, wireless
  5. Television media - drama, comedy, music, information, wired, wireless
  6. Internet media - websites, downloading, streaming
  7. Mobile media - websites, downloading, streaming to cellphones and laptops
Each medium has its own content, creative artists, technicians and business model.

The Seventh Mass Medium
The seventh mass media channel sometimes is referred to as the fourth screen:
  1. Film was the first screen
  2. TV was the second screen
  3. Personal computers were the third screen
  4. Mobile is the fourth screen
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