Using Statistics in Research

Tools for performing descriptive statistical computations

Database blue stack icon When you want to learn either a little or a lot about statistics, there are several online statistics textbooks, courses and learning modules that cover the subject from basic descriptive statistics through very advanced topics for professional statisticians.

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  • Electronic Statistics Textbook

    Electronic Statistics Textbook is available freely on the Web.

    StatSoft publisher website.

    Using this online textbook will give you an understanding of statistics and an ability to apply statistics. The chapters are readable and interesting with helpful graphics. The whole textbook can be read online or downloaded to your hard drive for an offline reference text.

    The textbook begins with an overview of important elementary concepts and continues with an in-depth exploration of specific areas of statistics representing classes of analytic techniques. The areas are organized as modules accessed by buttons. A glossary of statistical terms and a list of references for further study are included.

    StatSoft, publisher of Statistica data analysis software, developed the online textbook as a course based on experience teaching undergraduate and graduate statistics courses. It covers a variety of applications, including laboratory research such as biomedical or agricultural, business statistics and forecasting, social science statistics and survey research, data mining and warehousing, engineering and quality control applications, and others.

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  • VassarStats Statistical Computation Website

    Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics Textbook is available freely on the Web.

    VassarStats publisher website.

    VassarStats is a good site for learning online and a useful, user-friendly, interactive tool for performing basic statistical computations. The author is Vassar College psychology professor Richard Lowry.

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  • Wolfram MathWorld

    Wolfram MathWorld resource is available freely on the Web.

    Wolfram Research publisher website.

    Covering algebra, applied mathematics, calculus and analysis, discrete mathematics, foundations of mathematics, geometry, math history and terminology, number theory, recreational mathematics, and topology, as well as probability and statistics, the website is sponsored by Wolfram Research, publishers of Mathematica. The author is Eric Weisstein.

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  • Cornell University Web Center for Social Research Methods

    Web Center for Social Research Methods at Cornell University is a thorough website for people involved in applied social research and evaluation.

    Concept Systems Incorporated is related to the Center for Social Research Methods.

    The Web Center for Social Research Methods is about applied social research and evaluation including statistics. The author is William Trochim of Cornell University.

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  • Further readings about statistics and research methods
    This list is brief and not exhaustive. There are many other excellent resources.

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