A Brief History of Magazines

Magazines are regularly published storehouses of information.

The Gentleman's Magazine
The Gentleman's Magazine, May 1759
Magazines – a.k.a. periodicals, serials, glossies, slicks – are publications that appear on a regular schedule and contain a variety of articles.

They are financed by advertising, a purchase price, pre-paid subscriptions or sometimes all three of these means.

The English word magazine recalls a military storehouse of war materiel and originally was derived from the Arabic word makhazin meaning "storehouses." The term magazine was coined for this use by Edward Cave, editor of The Gentleman's Magazine.

Types of Magazines

Most magazines look more or less the same at first glance, but they are targeting different audiences. Distribution Timeline
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The timeline list above is not exhaustive.
Many other important magazines have started and stopped publication since 1663.
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