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New Media History In Brief

When someone said they thought TV was as old as newspapers the reply was, "Well, no. In the long history of mass media, newspapers are eight times older than television." That conversation highlighted the need for a clarification of the relative age of New Media. They are not that old, really. In fact, TV is about eight times older than many New Media.

W3 logoWeb pages (Mosaic) - 1993
Yahoo! logoYahoo! - January 1994
Wiki logoWiki - March 1995
Blogger logoBlogging - December 1997
Google logoGoogle - September 1998
Wikipedia logoWikipedia - January 2001
Apple iPod logoiPod - October 2001
Second Life logoSecond Life - June 2003
MySpace logoMySpace - August 2003
Facebook logoFacebook - February 2004
Podcast logoPodcasting - September 2004
Digg logoDigg - December 2004
YouTube logoYouTube - February 2005
Twitter logoTwitter - March 2006

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