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What is a Digital Story?

A digital story is a 21st century form of mass communication that harks back to the ancient art of oral storytelling. This contemporary form of mediated communication combines traditional techniques from television, video production radio, newspapers and magazines with contemporary multimedia tools to deliver informative and entertaining short productions with text, still and motion images, sound, music, and voice. They are script-driven and all about the articulation of a coherent verbal expression – the voice – of the narrator.

Digital stories are narratives, which help us make sense of things. We learn from stories and remember their meanings because they are personally understandable. Stories penetrate human understanding and engage feelings. Someone has said, the deeper the emotion, the deeper the learning.

The best digital stories usually...
Digital stories come in many forms:
  • Personal narrative
  • Very short documentary
  • Fictional story
  • Reminiscence
  • Movie or book trailer
  • Persuasive charitable pitch
  • Public relations message
  • Animation
  • Movie or book review
  • Learning instruction
  • Interview
  • Poem
  • Song
  • Photographic journey
  • Rebus riddle
  • Lots of other forms
  • glossy blue bullet 100x103Examples from UNCP students

    UNCP Mass Communication student digital storytelling productions

    glossy blue bullet 100x103Examples from Elsewhere

    Choices   Helen Barrett

    My Life as a Winklepicker   Shoebox Stories – 10 videos

    Coming Full Circle   Norman

    Ghosts   Thomas Robert Mallon. 10th Grade, Lick-Wilmerding High School

    A Bracero's Journey   Yesenia Chavez, 9th Grade, SOTA, Awarded Special Achievement

    A Walk on My Dark Side   Yale College – 10 videos

    More Like the American Nightmare   Created by Xiana Wang, 9th Grade, San Francisco School of the Arts, Awarded Second Place

    Picture Me Black   Created by Dakarai Ramel Griffin, 10th Grade, San Francisco

    Peace   Created by Michael Sheard, 11th Grade, CollegeTrack, East Plao Alto, Awarded PeaceNow Prize

    Holy Bunion   Created by Natasha and Anabel, 10th Grade, SF SOTA, Awarded Outstanding Artistic Achievement

    Sparring Partners   BBC Capture Wales – 7 videos

    My Potato Story Created by Silvia Jeong, 9th Grade, San Francisco School of the Arts, Awarded First Place

    River Stories   Brisbane, Australia: State Library of Queensland (streaming server)

    glossy blue bullet 100x103Collections

    Africa   KQED's Digital Story Initiative

    Capture Wales   BBC

    Stories for Change   Digital storytelling community

    Scribe Video Center   West Philadelphia community

    Digital Drive-In   Dana Atchley Memorial

    I Photograph To Remember   IPTR

    glossy blue bullet 100x103Longer

    Grass Born to be Stepped On   Apple – 9 minutes

    Documenting Child Labor in Nepal   Apple – 6 minutes

    The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard   free range studios – 21 minutes

    What is Scion City?   Second Life

    glossy blue bullet 100x103Resources

    Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling   University of Houston, College of Education

    Documentary Filmmaking in the Classroom   Apple

    iLife How-To Guides   Apple

    DigiTales   Bernajean Porter

    jakesonline.org   David Jakes

    The Center for Digital Story   Berkeley

    Schoolhouse Video   Raw materials kits

    KitZu   Raw materials kits

    Digital Kids Club   Raw materials kits


    Google: digital storytelling resources

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