Epoq 2.2 Machinima Introduction
How to make movies in a virtual world
Dagon machinima
Plant Her machinima
Little Red Riding Hood machinima
The Future Will See You Now machinima
Kevin Blue Concert At The Refuge machinima
Trix machinima
The Wizard & The Ozimal machinima

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glossy blue bullet 100x103What is a machinima?

Machinima is the art of making a real movie in a virtual world. The word machinima is from the term machine cinema. A machinima is a video production shot in a 3D virtual reality world, such as Second Life, and produced with real life tools and techniques.

glossy blue bullet 100x103How machinimas are made

A machinima is a video shot in real time in a virtual-reality environment using the technologies of the 3D-rendered virtual world and then edited into a finished production with ordinary editing software.

For instance, recordings of computer-generated imagery (CGI) of actions rendered in real-time by the interactive 3-D engine in the Second Life viewer are edited in the same manner as conventional film or video productions.

Second Life machinima are produced using SL resources – such as sky, land and water backdrops, buildings, vehicles, elevations, avatars, skins, hair, and clothing – and the built-in tools for recording images – movement controls, camera controls, snapshot camera, building and landscape editing controls, and script editor. Video products made in Second Life use the 3D virtual world's constructions, scripting, and avatar customizing tools.

Professional 3D animation software is not used. The rendering is done in real-time using an individual's computer, rather than more complex 3D engines in render farms.

Machinima production is faster and cheaper than keyframed CGI animation. The product is a more professional appearing production than is possible with typical amateur techniques such as live video tape, or stop action using live actors, hand drawn animation or toy props.

glossy blue bullet 100x103Let's make a machinima

Suppose you wanted to make a movie in a virtual world. Here's how you might go about producing a machinima shot in a 3D virtual reality world, such as Second Life, and editing it with real life tools and techniques.
glossy blue bullet 100x103Examples of Second Life machinimas
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Please note that some of these sources are older and may be of less value in new productions.

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