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Great Places to Visit in Second Life

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This is a list of SLURLs. The acronym SLURL is short for "Second Life URL," a Web address. SLURLs are direct links from the Web to locations inside Second Life. When you have your Second Life viewer open and you are logged into your account, clicking one of these SLURLs will take you directly to the listed location. This list is not exhaustive and is growing all the time. Of course, Second Life is a flexibly vibrant world and simulations sometimes change locations or even disappear. Please let us know if you find any incomplete, broken or dead links here. Thanks!

Sistine Chapel interior
Sistine Chapel
Sistine Chapel interior
Sistine Chapel
Sistine Chapel interior
Steven Taylor, director of academic computing at Vassar College, recreated the interior of the Sistine Chapel in Second Life to help students learn about art and architecture. On Vassar's island in the virtual world, visitors walk inside the building to study frescoes that decorate the 15th-century chapel in Vatican City. They can fly to the ceiling to view up close the nine stories from the Book of Genesis painted by Michelangelo. Taylor's avatar is known as Bret Rydell.
Land of Lincoln Springfield house
President Abraham Lincoln's home at Springfield, Illinois, in the Land of Lincoln historical recreation by librarian Daisyblue Hefferman commemorating the bicentennial of his birth.
Architecture Island Bedroom Window View
At a home on Architecture Island, out the second floor back bedroom window, the wind turbines generate electricity.
Architecture Island Late Afternoon Rainfall
A gentle rain showers Architecture Island late one afternoon.
The Sun sets on the temple on Dragon Back Isle in the Bali Paradise
It's sunset at the temple on Dragon Back Isle in the Bali Paradise.
Hillary Clinton rally
Fireworks display at a Hillary for President rally in Second Life on July 4, 2007.
New Orleans Outdoor Music Festival Stage
Musicians are on break from this New Orleans outdoor music festival stage.
glossy blue bullet 100x103Beautiful Places

Lost Gardens of Apollo
One of the oldest and most beautifully landscaped simulations in all of Second Life.

A beautiful, lush, mountainous island with a fully-functional, self-sustaining, artificial ecosystem.

A charming forest of magical trees and delightful meadows of beautiful flowers.

Hosoi Ichiba
Asian fishing village and market, oriental gardens for quiet reflection, pagodas, shrines, sampans.

Serenity Falls
A lush and craggy island with a vast waterfall, ambient natural sounds, and surprises for the explorer.

Chakryn Forest
Deep woodsy glade, flickering sunbeams, drowsy shadows, moonlight with seductive birdsong.

Tiessa's Palace in Mournful
Arabian Nights fantasy, Renaissance splendor, striking architecture, splendid gardens of large flowers, winding stairs to an observatory with curved windows overlooking the ocean.

glossy blue bullet 100x103Historical Recreations

Land of Lincoln
Exhibits celebrate the life and bicentennial of President Abraham Lincoln's birth.

Harvard Law School's Austin Hall
Harvard, oldest existing U.S. law school, 1817. Austin Hall, 1883, a reminder of change and growth.

Windswept forested country depicting 19th century Victorian country-estate lifestyle, 19th century steam-power era.

Immerse yourself in Chinese realism in the Kowloon district of Hong Kong.

Paris 1900
Famous sites from Paris in 1900, including the Moulin Rouge.

Caves of Lascaux
Recreating the southwestern France caves famous for 25,000-year-old rock wall paintings.

Virtual Morocco – Casablanca
Realistic builds including a souk, a mosque, a garden, a cafe and a beach.

Democracy Island
Governments and interest groups consult with citizens – as once happened at county fairs, tent meetings, town halls, community rooms shopping malls.

glossy blue bullet 100x103Commemorations

September 11th Memorial – Shakers Stoop
This private 9-11 memorial has a gallery and fountain.

Laguna Beach
MTV reproduces its Laguna Beach show – hang out, shop for clothes, kick back and relax.

Dust Bowl 2013
SLURL & Gas Co.

A Better Place to Be

glossy blue bullet 100x103Museums

David Rumsey map collection
Historical antique maps amidst innovative architecture.

Second Life Historical Museum
The back story chronicled, the development documented, and the social history preserved.

Computer History Museum
From Charles Babbage's vast mechanical calculating engines to Apple's MacBook Air.

Fort Malaya History Museum
Recreating colonial Batavia, known today as Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

Xibalba Maya Museum
Maya Otherworld art and architecture in the Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque, Mexico.

glossy blue bullet 100x103Art and Galleries

Second Louvre Museum
A vast museum's impressive collection of art – sculptures, drawings, paintings and photographs.

Linden Gallery of Resident Art
Works of art created by Second Life residents

Crescent Moon Museum
Collection of gorgeous and stimulating photographic images recorded by Second Life artists.

ArtsPlace SL
A gallery where librarians, museum curators, and artists display new forms of digital work.

La Reve Island
Mystical pre-modern dream world atmosphere of superstition and otherworldly creatures and mythical beasts.

Death of Marat
David's painting of an enemy stabbing French journalist Jean-Paul Marat in a cold bath in his washroom.

Alien Beach
A hallucinogenic kinetic sculpture that uses the texture of the beach itself as inspiration.

Arts & Letters
Breathtaking panoramic paintings and interactive exhibits.

Zero Point
A complex psychedelic op-art studio, art gallery and amusement park rolled into one.

Resonating with Wind
An incredible meditative journey into a field in the sky of 100 windmills forever in motion.

Gallery of Reflexive Architecture
Fluid and dynamic architecture that transcends the limitations of static buildings.

Library Art Gallery
Teofila Matova

7000 Oaks
Recreating Joseph Beuys' conceptual artwork in Second Life.

Bolinas Museum of Art
Museum showcases a selection of real life paintings.

Bayside Beach Galleria Museum of Contemporary Art
A collection of contemporary art.

Artist Jeff Lipsky's transforming journey in the virtual world as Filthy Fluno

Crescent Moon Museum
Tayzia Abattoir's exhibition of art and photographs by Second Life artists.

Museum of Hyperformalism
Dancoyote Antonelli's Modernest Marvel at Uvvy Island

The Grand Gallery
Tommy Parrott presents paintings and photography at the Ginsberg Arts Center

PK Works & Krystal Epic
Enniv Zarf delivers a whole new kind of art experience.

SL Art Community Centre
Mar Dwi directs the centre, home to 28 artists, at lilac island as a platform for creativity and interaction.

Cetus Gallery District
Xander Ruttan's community displays art created by Second Life residents.

Squirrel Island Galleries
Charis Straaf

Studio 33
Monroe Snook

Nebulosus Severine and Arahan Claveau

Welsh Bay Gallery
Alexandar Vargas

Art Galleries of Second Life
A web list of nearly 500. This link is a URL, not a SLURL.

glossy blue bullet 100x103Science and Technology

NOAA Meteroa Island
U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

NOAA Okeanos Island
U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

History of Life on Earth

Artificial sea life experiment – clown fish colony


Science Center

Exploratorium– 'Splo

Virtual Hallucinations

The SciLands

Science Center

Bell Library Science Floor

University of Denver Science School

Stanford University Science & Engineering Libraries

Dell Island

Stone's Harbor Bathysphere Research Station

IBM Sevices Sciences, Management and Engineering SSME

glossy blue bullet 100x103Space

International Space Flight Museum

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab's Explorer Island

The Rocketeers

Apollo 11 Moon Landing

The Space Place
Exhibition of human history in space and astronomy

glossy blue bullet 100x103Astronomy

The Second Life Planetarium

The Second Life Planetarium

Telescope Training

Meyer-Womble Observatory

Solar Eclipse Museum

Slacker Planetarium

Popular Science Magazine Physics and Astronomy

Astronomy Photo of the Day

glossy blue bullet 100x103Science Ficion


The Future

Sci-Fi Museum

Star Trek Museum of Science

Star Trek Museum of Science


Borg Cube

glossy blue bullet 100x103Media



Reuters Auditorium

CNN Virtual I-Report hub in Second Life

CNN I-Reports

CNN Auditorium

New World Notes blog office

glossy blue bullet 100x103Nature and Public Parks

Stone's Point Park

Comcastic Island

Acropolis Gardens

Sailors Cove

glossy blue bullet 100x103Schools, Libraries and Education

University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Info Island
Alliance Virtual Library programs, events, books, exhibits, resources, discussions.

UNC TLT island
Faculty, staff and students of University of North Carolina System institutions collaborate.

glossy blue bullet 100x103Religious Places

The Sistine Chapel at Vassar Island

Mosque in Chebi

Monastery of Felix Meritis

The Church of Elvis

glossy blue bullet 100x103Health and Medical

Ann Myers Medical Center

Aspects of Appearance

Health Info Island Consumer Health Library

Health Info Island Medical Library

Heart Murmur Sim
Cardiac Auscultation Training Concept

glossy blue bullet 100x103Jazz Clubs and Dance Halls

Phat Cats
Jazz music and a ballroom. Great place for a date.

Blue Note
The Butterfly Garden is lovely at this jazz club.

Avilion Gazebo
Avilion with the castle in the distance as well as its Waterfall Skyboxes on the other side of the river. Teleport from the wooden walkway to the skyboxes high up in the falling water.

glossy blue bullet 100x103Really Cool Elsewhere

Calleta's Hobo Railroad
"It be dah home fer deh homeless tah enjoy sl, fishin n sleepin in dar boxes. Com'er down n relax."

Greenies Home
Interactive Alice in Wonderland visit to a real life studio apartment that is home to little green aliens.

Clock Island
Some normal, some erratic, numbers come to life in a huge hourglass.


The Abyss

Crimson Shadows


The Wheat Fields

Sirens Grotto at Dragon Castle

The Crack Den

Sine Wave Island


Bartlett House

Cocololo Island

Devils Moon


Octal Khan's home

World Fashion Tour

Wizard Alley

Anteater Island

Automotive Research Center

Bathysphere Research Station

glossy blue bullet 100x103Linden Labs

Linden Lab
Linden in-world office

Linden Lab Recruiting Center

Balloon Tour of Linden Village

Linden Scripting Tutorial Exhibition

Torley Linden's Place

Governor Linden's Mansion
A Second Life Heritage Home

List of many Lindens
This link is a URL, not a SLURL.

glossy blue bullet 100x103Second Life Destination Guide
Suggestions on great places to visit in Second Life. This link is a URL, not a SLURL.

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    Listing dozens of spectacularly re-created venues including such famous places as:

    Stonehenge Dublin, Ireland Kowloon Terra Egypta
    Italy's Villa Capra La Rotonda Inverness City, Scotland St. Paul's Cathedral Battery Park, New York
    Sistine Chapel Guadalajara Mexico Arabia in the Middle East Greek Islands Heart Reef Resort
    Mont Saint Michel, France Great Wall of China Maracaibo, Venezuela Cologne Cathedral
    Harlem New Brighton Pier Eiffel Tower Bucharest
    Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Gateway Arch, St. Louis Luxembourg City Shakespeare's Blackfriars Theatre
    The Sudan The Acropolis of Athens India's Taj Mahal Temasek at Singapore
    New York, New York San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge    African wildlife Ancient Japanese Himeji Castle
    Vienna Natural History Museum    Ancient temple ruins in Mexico Sydney Opera House in Australia Nuremberg, Germany, in the Middle Ages
    Bohemian village in Czechia and Slovakia    Place de la Concorde at the Champs-Elysees in Paris
    Barcelona, Spain, La Rambla Avenue, Plaza Real Cinema City in Rome and the Roman Forum
    Copacabana Beach at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Catalhoyuk, a 9,000-year old Neolithic archaeological site in central Turkey
    John Lennon and Yoko Ono's vision of the Imagine Peace Tower at Reykjavik, Iceland
    Leipzig, Germany, Všlkerschlachtdenkmal war monument, railway terminal, and St. Thomas Church
    Russia's St. Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin, Lenin's mausoleum, the GUM department store, and Red Square
    London's cosmopolitan Soho district as well as London's Hyde Park, Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Kensington, and Westminster
    and many more

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