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What's on the Second Life campus
of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke?

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The University of North Carolina at Pembroke has a large-scale campus in the virtual world where academic colleagues from the real-life institution use the facilities to teach a variety of RL classes, convene faculty development seminars, and produce grid-wide educational meetings, symposia, colloquia and conferences.

The campus, known as UNCP in SL, regularly entertains visitors from other colleges and universities around the state, nation and world.

The UNCP in SL campus has some 50 buildings and outdoor learning sites. Dr. Anthony Curtis, a professor in the UNCP Department of Mass Communication, is director of the campus. He assists faculty in hosting classes and a variety of other events in SL. Numerous students and faculty have been provided new learning experiences through courses at the virtual campus.      email the director

Campus topography and architecture:

More than a dozen large venues form the campus of the UNCP in SL Campus, which spreads across six adjacent areas in the Dootorak, Dasom and Myungsimbogam mainland regions of the Second Life south continent.

Main Campus
Central Campus
West Campus Annex
East Campus Annex
South Campus Annex

A search for "UNCP" in the SL Search engine in-world will turn up the land profile with a teleport button to the campus welcome area.

The land-efficient architecture of the campus is composed of stacks of sky platforms – one above another and side-by-side – in the Dotoorak and Dasom regions of the SL mainland near the ocean.

Each platform is an ample 100m x 50m flat rectangle. Each holds building architecture and landscape architecture. There also are smaller platforms. Overall, the land use plan is enhanced by the economical use of a compact land space.

Ground level is referred to as Level 0. Ground level ranges from about 60 to 80 feet above sea level. The level numbers in each stack go up from there from Level 1 to 6. Higher levels are available, but not constructed.

Level 0 = 60-80m, on the ground, just above sea level
Level 1 = 250m altitude
Level 2 = 325m altitude
Level 3 = 400m altitude
Level 4 = 475m altitude
Level 5 = 550m altitude
Level 6 = 625m altitude

Direct connections to selected sites:
SLURL stands for Second Life URL. These SLURLs are links to the web addresses of pages connecting to selected places of special interest to first-time visitors.

Campus Welcome Center
Orientation Center
Information Center
Skills Center
The UNCP Free Store
Art Gallery
UNCP Commons Conference Center
A classroom building
Campus Security Center
Student Center
New Media Center
School of Education
Snowport Environmental Classroom
Astronomy Hall
Braves Spirit Shoppe (free UNCP t-shirts)
Newbie Convenience Center and Rest Station

Learn more about some campus sites:
Web pages with details about selected facilities on the UNCP in SL campus.

Livermore Library
SL Art Gallery
New Media and Journalism Center
School of Education
Astronomy Hall in the Campus Science Annex
Snowport Environmental Study Center
Campus Security Operations Center
UNCP Commons Conference Center

The neighborhood: The campus is situated mainly in the Dotoorak region of the Second Life south continent mainland. The surrounding area and nearby regions are much like a typical college town with residences, small shops, a mall, fields with rolling hills, and a harbor with private seaworthy boats. The Second Life ocean is just east of campus with the closest approach at Stone's Harbor, which has a close affiliation with UNCP.

Sandbox: A sandbox is a parcel of land owned by someone or a group of people, who have designated it for practicing building open to anyone. Construction is not blocked for any avatar.

On the UNCP in SL campus, the Newbie Convenience Center and Rest Station is a place where anyone can build things, transfer clothes or other necessities to their inventory, and change clothes in private. It has a small house for privacy as well as a huge backyard where large and small objects can be constructed.    To the sandbox »

Accessibility: The campus has a Virtual Accessibility Center designed to meet World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 by incorporating their accessibility features. The site functions on the standard Second Life viewer. It offers free wheelchairs, guide dogs and other necessities.    To the accessibility center »

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke in SL
UNCP Campus Directory

Level 0 = ground level. Levels 1-6 are above ground


Level 0:
UNCP Welcome Center

Level 1:
Classroom Building
Outdoor Seminar
    Streaming Video Center (TLTC, NASA and other public events)

Level 2:
Classroom Building
    Computer Lab
    Email Center
Outdoor Classroom
    Media Center
Outdoor Meeting Area
Admissions Information
Picnic Area
    New Resident Tips
Braves Spirit Shoppe (free UNCP t-shirts and other paraphernalia)

Level 3:
    Circulation Desk
    Reference desk
    Video Room
    How-To-Build Instruction
    UNCP Heritage History
Library Backyard

Level 4:
Art Gallery
Braves Park


Level 0:
Orientation Area
    Orientation Center
    Information Center
    Skills center
    Free Store
Museum of Science and Technology
Memorial Parkland


Level 0:
School of Education
    Main building
    Classrooms Annex
    Dress Rooms
Student Union Building (student R&R center)
How-To Guides for New Residents

Level 1:
New Media Study Center
    Journalism Laboratory
    Mass Communication
Apple Distinguished Educators Center

Level 2:
Snowport Environmental Study Center

Level 3:
Science Annex
Astronomy Hall
    Hubble Exhibition
    Planetary Geology
    Space Science

Level 4:
Wheat Fields (interdisciplinary art and agriculture demonstration field)
Wheat Fields Dance Floor (recreation area available for entertainment bookings)


UNCP Commons Conference Center
    UNCP Commons Conference Center Extension
Hospital for Nursing
Book House
Virtual Accessibility Center
Pine Needle Student Newspaper Office


Level 0:
Sandbox – Newbie Convenience Center and Rest Station
    Indoor clothing privacy and box opening area
    Outdoor backyard sandbox large free building area for anyone

Level 2:
Maintenance Shop
    Authorized Personnel Only

Nearby points of interest:

Stone's Point Park
Stoneflower Photography studio and gallery
Stone's Indigo Starry Night Dance Place
The Space Place
Bathysphere Ocean Research Station
Stone's Point Sculpture Garden
Stoneflower Gallery
Stone's Point Academy
Stone's Point Academy Sandbox
The Village at Stone's Harbor shopping center
Dust Bowl 2013
A Better Place To Be Harry Chapin Memorial
Grungy Pool Hall
Doodle House
Spelunkers Cave
Prim Recycling Center
Solar System Ambassadors HQ in SL
APOD Astronomy Picture of the Day
TLTC Conference site

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