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The word blog is short for web blog. It's a personal diary or online journal on a Web page in which people post entries revealing their personal experiences.

A vlog is a personal blog recorded and distributed as video clips replacing the text one might expect to read in a blog.

Video blogging, vidblogging or vlogging is a form of Internet television. Entries sometimes mix in text captions and still images.

Warning! Personal expressions sometimes can be very raw so be prepared to click off of any vlog that you find offensive.

Vlogs about making vlogs

  • How To Make Your 1st Vlog
    A basic guide in a vlog, by Blade376, 7:18.

  • Wanna Learn How To Vlog?
    Basic tips on how to vlog, by ShoTzVlogz, 2:59.

  • How To Make A Vlog
    List of ideas with parody on other vlogs, by vividedge06, 2:55.

  • Have Confidence Issues, But Want To Vlog? Here's how.
    Post a video answering these questions, by Blade376, 11:35

  • Vlog University
    Start making fun videos, by justice, 2:07, 3:18

    Vlog samples

  • Fat Americans and Ugly Babies
    Baby pictures, rhetorical questions, raisins and fat Americans, by thatzak, 2:43

  • Can't Find Anywhere to Film
    The last video that will be filmed in this house, by wannabealoserr, 0:44

  • Dance Marathon for Cancer
    About raising money, by jussttom, 3:55

  • Pokemon and Mindwalk
    Nefarious fauxpod and mindwalk, by YourAverageAdam, 4:12, 3:18

    Vlog channels

  • Blade376's Channel

  • VividEdge's Channel

  • thatzak's Channel

  • wannabealoserr's Channel

  • jussttom's Channel

  • YourAverageAdam's Channel

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