Advanced Search

Just like BraveCat, ERIC (and most databases for that matter) search in very similar ways using keywords. You can search for single keywords (e.g. cloning) or combine keywords with AND (e.g. Islam and women). You can interchange different words with similar meaning (such as college and university) using OR (e.g. college or university). You also can search keywords as a phrase inside quotation marks (e.g. "women in combat"). You can also truncate words with an asterisk * (e.g. prevent* = prevented, preventing, prevention, and prevents).

Click the Choose Databases linkat the top of the screen and then select Education Research Complete from the list and click the OK button. Start off by searching for example action research articles. For example, enter "action research" in the first search box and reading or literacy in the second search box. NOTE: Do not limit to scholarly peer-reviewed articles when looking for action research documents.


NOTE: Other keywords for action research are: practitioner research or teacher research.