Keyword Search

The Keyword Search is a very broad type search. You can search for any combination of words in the various parts of a catalog record: the title, the author's name, subject terms, and the notes fields. You can search for single keywords (e.g., literature) or combine keywords with AND (e.g., romaticism and imagery ). You can interchange different words with similar meaning (such as teenager and adolescent) using OR (e.g., women or female or feminine or gender).

You also can search keywords as a phrase inside quotation marks (e.g. "et tu Brute"). You can also truncate words with an asterisk * (e.g. prevent* = prevented, preventing, prevention, and prevents).

When BraveCat opens, make sure to select Pembroke (see image below). You can always search the consortium later if you require more resources.


Note: in BraveCat (or any other database) do not search using large phrases. Group concepts together using AND. Example: Do not search the use of imagery in "The Yellow Wallpaper." Do search yellow wallpaper and imagery. Keep it simple!

Note: in the example above, we are search for information in general about Charlotte Bronte using the keyword search (see image above).