Canadas at Play: Moving Experiences

Years ago I came up with a method for combining two of my favorite hobbies: travel and exercise. I have jogged along the Battery in Charleston, South Carolina, hiked on the Wilderness Trail through the Cumberland Gap in Kentucky, and, along with Lisa, bicycled on Jamestown Island in Virginia. Once, on a trip from Indiana to North Carolina, I stopped in the Smoky Mountains and went for a jog on the Appalachian Trail. One of the most thrilling and fulfilling experiences I have had in my travels and indeed in my life, this jog helped me come up with a name for my new hobby: the moving experience. I think I enjoy the phenomenon of exercising, or moving, and experiencing a place because I feel close to the place, even immersed in it. In some cases, as in my hike along the Wilderness Trail, I am experiencing the same sensations that history-makers felt years, even centuries earlier. At the same time, the elevated state I experience when I exercise--some people call it a "runner's high"--makes the experience more exciting and fulfilling. I free my mind, and it sometimes rewards me with thoughts I would not have experienced otherwise.

Cincinnati Riverwalk
Wilderness Trail
Appalachian Trail
Downtown Philadelphia
Hyde Park Trail