1900'S - Present

     What is Modern Art?  The definition of "modern" is " of the present or recent times."  To apply the term modern to art work now is confusing.  Did not artists of the Renaissance apply modern to their work as well?  To label the current period of art as Modern Art we can look to the attitudes and characteristics of our modern world and what art means to artist and its viewers today.  Modern Art can be viewed as a rapid and radical art style with many variations.  Technology brought change to society along with a differing attitude towards art.  In older times artists were commissioned by churches or wealthy families, but our times brought about a change that had artists doing "art for art's sake."  With the ongoing wars and political upheaval artists found an escape with art.  Artists wanted to provide a longer lasting escape from all the world's problems. American artists of this time period were finally recognized as competitive artists and brought the art world looking at art from America.
     Art now became a movement into a world of color and  expression, a world where an apple is only a blotch of red pigment or a toilet is a work of art, leaving more than a few people wondering what can be considered art.




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