In my spare time (which I have from time to time) I enjoy poetry. Below are some of my short poems to help you ponder life. William G. Collier



Sometimes I can feel time flowing
wandering through the maze of moments

Gathering together a lifetime
I lose my way

Approaching eternity I glimpse reality
and gently fade into sleep

by William G. Collier


Turning in the night

I feel naked as I drift asleep,
then I feel your caress
and your gentle kisses on my ear.

A whisper of love in the dark,
then I turn and the dream departs.

Crying back to sleep I return to you,
whispering in your ear how I adore you
and covering you with my kisses.

by William G. Collier


The Search

How I long to see her again.
I saw her once and I loved her.
Her beauty overwhelmed my heart and soul.
I need her now and forever,
for I am empty without her.
I think "she is mine" and I am happy.
I am fulfilled when my thoughts dwell on her.
I search everywhere for her.
Yet, I search in vain,
for I merely saw her in my dream.

by William G. Collier


Inauspicious Infatuation

Never has love been true to me
Love is not eternal

To those who drift apart
Love becomes unspoken and unknown

Simple words fail to express
The hidden truth

Separation erupts
Leading to a solitary mourning

Naïve trust evaporates
Leaving condensed pessimism
And a hardened lonely heart

by William G. Collier



Drawing into the night
a picture develops
of long ago

Walking barefoot
at midnight
on the beach

Holding your hand
glimpsing your beauty
reflected in the moonlit water

No sense of tomorrow or the world

by William G. Collier



I am to be no more
Seeing has ended

In a haze I meander towards infinity
Into the night I put my trust

Darkness is pure, never changing
Experienced the same by all through every generation

Whether comprehended or not

by William G. Collier



The years pass me by
while I gaze up at the sky.
Reflected in my eye
is the question why.

by William G. Collier