(Biology 103)

Summer, 2000


Instructor Human Biology

Dr. David Maxwell Sylvia S. Mader

Office: S-210

Telephone: 521-6422

Course Objectives:

A student sucessfully completing this course should have a basic understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the organ systems of the human body and to better understand self and environment through knowledge of scientific principles and concepts.

Attendance Policy

Ideally, every student is expected to be present at each and every class meeting. As a matter of practice, however, it is recognized that for some students this may not be possible. Therefore each student may be absent a maximum of four class periods during the five week course without penalty. No excuse need to be presented for these absences. Absences in excess of four - regardless of reason - will result in a reduction in the course grade. If a student is

aware of factors that will make it likely that significantly more than four class periods will be missed the course should be dropped. Attendance will be monitored at the beginning of each class period. Students not present at the time attendance is taken will be considered absent.


There will be five tests. The dates for these tests are

1. Monday, May 29

2. Monday, June 5

3. Monday, June 12

4. Monday, June 19

5. Monday, June 26

All of these tests will have essentially the same format: 45 multiple choice questions counting

2% (90 points total) each and two short discussion questions, counting 5% (10 points total) each.

Each test will count 20% of the course grade. The final examination is not comprehensive and will not count any more than the any other test.

Policy on missed tests - The missing of a test is a very serious matter. No makeup test will be given without the presentation of a valid and documented excuse. If at all possible the instructor should be notified of the necessity to miss a test prior to the test date.


The course grade will be determined by the average of the five tests as follows

Average 90-100 88-89 84-87 80-83 77-79 72-76 64-71 60-63 54-59 50-53 Below 50

Grade A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D F


Part I - Test on May 29

Introduction - Homeostasis (Chapter 3)

The Digestive System and Nutrition (Chapter 4)

The Respiratory System (Chapter 8)

Part II - Test on June 5

Composition and Function of Blood - (Chapter 5)

The Cardiovascular System - (Chapter 6)

The Lymphatic System and Immunity - (Chapter 7)

Part III - Test on June 12

The Skeletal System - (Chapter 10)

The Muscular System - (Chapter 11)

The Nervous System - (Chapter 12)

Part IV- Test on June 19

The Urinary System and Excretion - (Chapter 9)

The Reproductive System - (Chapter 15)

Part V - Test on June 26

Human Genetics and Cancer - (Chapter 18, 19, 20)

Human Evolution - (Chapter 22)

Human Ecology and Population Concerns - (Chapter 23, 24)

Major Concepts