Java Applets

These are a few Java Applets I am working on to assist in studying different physical systems.

This simulations were created with the help of Easy Java Simulations EJS, which draws on the Physlets library.

This is a development environment that allows the user to more easily set up variables, differential equations and view screens for studying different physical systems.


Gas Simulation

This applet shows a group of small spheres trapped in a box. The spheres begin moving at a fixed speed and collide with a wall in the box. As they bounce off the wall, they scatter in different directions. When this happens, the energies and velocities of the spheres is distributed in a statistical manner.

This simulation is 3-D and it is also Stereo 3-D. You will need red/cyan anaglyph glasses to see the particles moving in and out of the screen.

I will start putting in other simulations. These will include a mass being driven on an oscillations spring, projectile motion with air resistance an other mechanical simulations.

Projectile Motion

A simple projectile motion simulator. The x and y components of the projectiles velocity vector are displayed. Also, graphs of position, velocity and acceleration as a function of time.

The use can input an initial velocity, angle of launch and include a drag coefficient for more realistic motion.

Lorenz Attractor

A simulation of the classic Lorenz Attractor.

Simple Pendulum

A simulation of a simple pendulum. The use can change the length, and initial angle of the pendulum.

Double Pendulum

A simulation of a double pendulum. User can vary the angle, length and the mass.

Triple Pendulum

A simulation of a triple pendulum.

Spherical Pendulum

A simulation of a pendulum that can move in 3 dimensions.