Psychosocial   Assessment
1. Client Identifying Information: Date of the interview, name, (need to make up a name), address, age gender ethnicity, religion, marital status and history, referral source, etc.. Caution: Remember confidentiality do not use the person'sreal name and disguise any other identifying information.
2.Source of  the Data: Include the indivuidal(s) who provided information.
3.Description and developent of the presenting problem. Include the reason for the interview. Also make sure that you write it from the client's perspective  Ms. Jones states etc.
4. Family History: Include chronological history of the family and brief descriptive  information about family members. Include three generations of family, including the client's own   generation.
5. Client History:Include chronological developmental history including all major events from prenatal to present. Include information on : medical and psychiatric history intellectual and emotional  functioning homeand neighborhood environment, drug and alcohol usage including assessment of addiction risk or history, relationship, intimacy and sexuality issues, history of violence, legal issues, religion,   recreation.
6. Current Situation:Including physical functioning and health practices, current significant   relationships, support systems, problem-solving capacity, financial situation, housing and transportation issues, use of community services Draw and complete an eco-map.
7. Assessment: This will be your  analysis of the client on the following levels: individual interpersonal relations, the family unit and the  family's interchange with the social network and other environmentalor ecological factors.
8. Strengths:  What are the client's strengths? Think of how the personhas coped to date withthe problem. Do they have     social, intellectual ,physical, emotional resources? 9. Problem List: What are theproblems which you and the client feel are relevant? Consider physical, spiritual, emotional, relational, educational, job related family and others.
10.Course of Treatment: Describe how you expect the treatment to go? How do you  best suggest that the problems are handled, How long might it take to resolve the problems? What  resistance from the client do you foresee? Why?
This assignment will need to be typed, double-spaced.  Suggested length is 6-10 pages. The assignment will be graded on the following criteria:
1. Organization   and Format: The assessment should be well organized for readability. Topic/section headings are required
2. Thoroughness: All time periods should be included, if information is unknown or is unavailable, the assessment should indicate this. At the same time,unnecessary information should not be included. Completion of the eco-map
3. Objective wording: Differentiation of facts from impressions and/or  judgements.
4. Relevance of information: usefulness for social work 5. APA and writing styles. The assessment should be written in a narrative form (no chekc list or fill in the blank. Writing should be  precise in presenting descriptive information, grammatically correct, and professionally written.