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Introduction: Welcome ! Get ready for a gallop through BIO 100 and my website for this course! Please note that these pages are for the above section only. Please remember to read carefully the introductory material for each chapter of your text book. In some cases, this material may not be covered in class. You are welcome to see me in my office, as I am usually on campus every day until 2:00 PM. You may also send me email inquiries, but I shall not be taking any emails 24 hours prior to any assigned quiz. I shall try to make our rather large sections (>50 students) as interesting as possible. I want your course literally to be a "biology for taxpayers." This means that I shall try to be reasonable about test material. Biology is, however, a difficult and demanding course, especially if you did not have biology in high school. As is the case with many disciplines a MAJOR part of your work shall centre around the language of biology. After every class, you shall need to know 10-20 new words. You MUST NOT wait until to last minute to prepare for a quiz. My webpage changes every semester, so please to not move ahead and use those sections that have not been updated. Good luck! I look forward to being with YOU this semester. This website is designed to help you through the course. It is not a contract of any kind and is subject to change without notice.

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