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DSC 510--Quantitative Methods

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        f(x,y) = 2(X - 4)² + (Y - 1)² + 6 as a JMP data table
         If you see a blank screen when you open this in Netscape, save the page to a JMP file anyway.
         To view this as a spin plot, Click on Graph, then Spinning Plot.   

Intermediate Statistics
     Review of Introductory Statistics

        JMP IN 4.0.2 patch to upgrade to 4.0.3   14MB
        Notes on Multiple Regression
        Notes on ANOVA and MANOVA
        Notes on Logistic Regression
        Notes on Factor Analysis
        Notes on Survival Analysis
        A Survival Analysis with JMP IN


Management Science       

    Linear Programming with computers
        Lotus 1-2-3
        Microsoft Excel
        Corel QuattroPro
    Varieties of Linear Programming Problems
    PERT/CPM slides

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