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Using OPTIMIZER in Corel QuattroPro

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To perform a linear programming problem in Quattro, follow these steps:

1.  In an Quattro spreadsheet, set up a matrix of coefficients and limits for the constraints and for the objective function.  Note that it is necessary to include the nonnegativity constraints explicitly.

 1 Constraints X1 X2 X3 Formulas Limits
 2 Labor time 64 33 14 @sumproduct(b2..d2,b$9..d$9) 400
 3 Machine time 50 60 9 @sumproduct(b3..d3,b$9..d$9) 400
 4 Management time 3 3 3 @sumproduct(b4..d4,b$9..d$9) 80
 5 Nonnegativity of X1 1 0 0 +b9 0
6 Nonnegativity of X2 0 1 0 +c9 0
7 Nonnegativity of X3 0 0 1 +d9 0
 8 Objective Function 3.5 0.45 2.2 @sumproduct(b8..d8,b$9..d$9)   
 9 Decision Variables 1 1 1     

2.  Click on Tools, then Numeric Tools, then Optimizer

3.  Enter the instructions in the Optimizer box.

4.    Optimizer will try to solve your problem.  If it is successful, it will present a box asking what results you want it to show: the answer report, the sensitivity report, and/or the limits report.  If it is not successful, it will give a message such as "did not converge in time allowed", "problem is unbounded", or "no feasible region".  If this happens check the following: Sometimes these errors are inherent in the problem, but in textbook examples they are more likely the result of an error in setting up the problem.