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Dr. Frederick's Page for ECN 304
Money, Banking, and Financial Institutions
Syllabus for ECN 304 Fall 1999 on the Main Campus
Syllabus for ECN 304 Fall 1999 at the Richmond CC Site
Chapter Notes Problems Related Links
3  Currency--Richmond FRB 
 Money Quiz--FRB St. Louis 
4  Slides   Calculating Interest--FRB Chicago 
5  Slides 
6  Slides 
7  Slides   IFCI Risk Watch 
Predicting Recessions-FRB New York 
11  Slides 
12  Slides   IFCI Risk Watch--Regulation 
 Banking in Indian Country--Compt. Curr. 
15  Slides   Official Structure of the Fed--Fed Brd. of Gov. 
 Official Structure of the Fed--Chicago FRB  
 Minutes of the Aug 24 FOMC meeting 
16  Slides 
17  Slides 
18  Slides   Open Market Operations--FRB New York 
 The Discount Window--FRB Cleveland 
19  Slides 
21  Slides   Technical report on Velocity--FRB NY (Adobe) 
24  Slides 
25  Slides 
26  Slides   EU report warns of Belarus hyperinflation risk 
 German Hyperinflation of 1923 MissouriWStColl 
27  Slides
1-21  Review 

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