The UNC at Pembroke
ECN 407--Labor Economics

Tentative Syllabus

Text: Contemporary Labor Economics McConnell, Brue, and Macpherson, 5th Edition (1999)
Week Topics
1 Introduction and Overview
2 Theory of Individual Labor Supply
3 Population, Participation rates, Hours of Work
4 Labor Quality: Human Capital
5 Demand for Labor
6 Wage Determination
7 Alternative Pay Schemes and Labor Efficiency
8 The Wage Structure
9 Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining
10 The Economic Impact of Unions
11 Labor Legislation and Regulation
12 Theories of Labor Market Discrimination
13 Job Search: External and Internal
14 The Distribution of Earnings

Grading (Tentative)
First Exam        25%
Second Exam    25%
Final Exam        25%
projects/reviews 25%