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MPM 574--Health Economics
Practice Questions--Chapter 9

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 1.  What barriers did traditional fee-for-service medicine create to restrain the growth of HMOs prior to 1973?

 2.  What legislative, economic, and judicial developments occurred from 1975 to 1985 that encouraged the growth of HMOs and competition in the health care markets?  When did HMOs experience their greatest growth spurt?

 3.  How are HMOs similar to PPOs?  How do they differ?

 4.  Regarding the quality of care provided by HMOs and fee-for-service systems, how did John Ware's 1996 study force people to reinterpret Miller and Luft's 1994 study?

 5.  "HMOs are losing their competitive edge.  Fee-for-service costs are almost the same as HMOs' costs."  Would Wickizer and Feldstein agree that HMOs are losing their impact?  How would they interpret this finding?


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