Biography of Jan DeBlieu

Since 1987, Jan DeBlieu has published four books: Hatteras Journal (1987), Meant to be Wild (1991) Wind (1998) and A Journal from Sadness to the Stars (2005). The excellence of these writings has earned DeBlieu literary awards including the best science books of the year by Library Journal and the John Burroughs Medal for Distinguished Natural History Writing which is the highest award given to nature writing(Southern Nature Writers). Still, one of the most notable aspects of DeBlieu as a writer is her personal commitment to her literary muse- the environment.



Ghost Crab

Shoreline Erosion


After her initial experience in the North Carolina Outer Banks to research her book, DeBlieu insists “the islands claimed [her] and refused to let [her] go”(Southern Nature Writers).  Since that time, she has been involved in countless grassroots organizations that aim to protect the environment from pollution. More recently, in 2003, DeBlieu was named the Cape Hatteras Coastkeeper for the North Carolina Coastal Federation.