North Carolina Outer Banks:

The Environment of Cape Hatteras


This website was inspired by Jan DeBlieu's account of Cape Hatteras North Carolina in her book Hatteras Journal.

Hatteras Island has long been known for is majestic seascapes and unique wildlife. In the Hatteras Journal, Jan DeBlieu captures these transcendent scenes in a literary masterpiece that artfully intertwines scientific expertise with poetic descriptions of life on the North Carolina Outer Banks.

Specifically, the chapter "Bounded By Sea" details the emergence of the ever elusive Ghost Crab. Through DeBlieu's careful observation, she searches for insight into the lives of these crustaceans even experts haven’t been able to answer. Her discoveries compel her audience to reevaluate how wildlife knowledge is obtained and spurs us to conduct our own investigations.

Through DeBlieu's immersing herself into beach life for over a year, she teaches us a new way to appreciate the Carolina coast line. We learn to pay attention to detail in wildlife, to be consumed by the peaceful cleansing of the ocean tide, and hopefully, gain a new desire to protect one of North Carolina's most valuable resources, the beach.

The links to the left provide further information about the author, a more detailed description of Hatteras wildlife and the issues and scientific evidence related to this majestic place.


Ghost Crab
Shoreline Erosion