Chemistry and Physics

CHM 311 - Principles of Biochemistry

Instructor: Len Holmes 

Biochemistry (CHM 311)
Spring Semester, 1998
Instructor: Len Holmes
Text: Biochemistry, Voet & Voet, 2nd Ed., Wiley, 1995
Content: Introductory course designed for students interested in biological chemistry. One semester of organic chemistry is a prerequisite. Three general areas will be examined.

1. Proteins. Structure, function and enzyme catalysis

2. Metabolism. The design and regulation of metabolic pathways will be examined. Bioenergetic principles, ATP hydrolysis and energy-rich metabolites will be discussed in the context of intermediary metabolism.

3. Biological information flow. Structure and chemistry of nucleic acids will be examined. Interactions of nucleic acids with small molecules and regulatory proteins will be treated with the topics of DNA replication, transcription and protein synthesis.

Grading: Grades will be based upon the average of at least 3 one-hour exams and a final.

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