Brave Bulletin
Black Line Volume 6
February 1, 2005
No. 11
Black Line
Black Line


AIS hosts campus book forum

Judith Curtis
Judy Curtis

The first American Indian Studies Book Forum was held recently on campus.

Dr. Jay Vest (American Indian Studies) was chair.

Dr. Judy Curtis (Mass Communications) presented a book review of Cultural Politics and the Mass Media by Patrick J. Daley and Beverly A. James (Alaska Native Voices; Champaign, Ill.; University of Illinois Press; 2004).

Dr. Tulla Lightfoot (Art) presented two reviews on Whadoo Tehmi: Long Ago People's Packsack; Bags: Tradition and Revival by Dene Babiche and Jo Orten (Gatineau, Quebec, Canada; Museum of Civilization; 2004) and Woodland Reflections: The Art of Truman Lowe by Suzan Marie and Judy Thompson (Madison, Wis.; The University of Wisconsin Press; 2003).

Dr. Vest presented a review of The Vengeful Wife and Other Blackfoot Stories by Hugh A. Dempsey (Norman, Okla.; University of Oklahoma Press; 2003).