Brave Bulletin
Black Line Volume 6
June 1, 2005
No. 18
Black Line
Black Line


Mass Com represented at Chapel Hill conference

Anthony Curtis
Anthony Curtis

Judith Curtis
Judy Curtis

Drs. Anthony and Judy Curtis (Mass Communications) on May 24 attended a conference at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC-Chapel Hill about collaborative activities among journalism faculties across the UNC system campuses and formation of a consortium on distance education in journalism. The conference was hosted by UNC-Chapel Hill deans at the School of Journalism and attended by faculty representatives from nine system campuses.

The group planned future communication about journalism courses via a new Web site for discussions using Blackboard and a listserv. In addition, the group perceived opportunities for cooperative and collaborative online projects with journalism faculty across the system, sharing distance education journalism course opportunities among campuses, and more conferences including some at UNCP.