Brave Bulletin
Black Line Volume 8
August 1, 2006
No. 2
Black Line
Black Line

UNCP represented at consortium on distance education in journalism

Dr. Anthony Curtis Dr. Judith Curtis

Drs. Anthony and Judith Curtis (Mass Communication) represented UNCP at a meeting of the North Carolina Consortium on Distance Education in Journalism and Mass Communication on July 12 at East Carolina University (ECU).

Consortium members discussed their programs and brainstormed ideas for delivering journalism and mass communication content via distance education. Participants at this summer's meeting toured ECU's "global classroom."

Housed in the College of Technology and Computer Science, ECU's global classroom is a technological learning center for Internet videoconferencing by groups of up to 100 people. The synchronous communication facility can handle up to four concurrent groups at a time. An associated control room provides the necessary server and bridging capabilities. Courses from a wide variety of disciplines, including ECU's School of Communication, use the classroom for experiences that range from a single guest lecture to entire courses. The global classroom is open to any ECU faculty or staff member who wants to teach there.

"The School of Communication also demonstrated a smaller system it had created and called the mobile global classroom," Dr. Judy Curtis said. "It was a cart with a wireless laptop computer and projector using a combination of Breeze meeting software, lecture video, white board and PowerPoint presentations to deliver instructional content in realtime.

ECU ranks 12th in the nation in its number of online academic programs. ECU offers 57 academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. ECU has 3,000 courses on Blackboard with 1,000 dedicated solely to distance education and 2,000 combining Blackboard with face-to-face classroom usage.