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Dr. Lisa Kelly
PO Box 1510
Pembroke, NC 28372

Phone: 910.521.6377

Location: Oxendine, Room 2221
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The UNCP Herbarium, established around 1998, has ~4500 dried, pressed Photo of UNCP Herbariumplants (vouchers). Most specimens were collected by Albert E. Radford, C. Ritchie Bell, and Harry E. Ahles, and their graduate students and colleagues, as part of a concerted effort during the 1950s and 1960s to document the vascular flora of the Carolinas.

One of these graduate students, Robert F. Britt, would later join the faculty at UNCP (known then as Pembroke State University). Dr. Britt served as Professor of Biology (1960-1991) and Department Chair (1967-1985) for the Department of Biology. A native of Robeson County, Britt earned a M.A. degree in Botany at UNC-Chapel Hill under the direction of Dr. Albert E. Radford. His thesis was titled, "The Vascular Flora of Robeson County, North Carolina."

Specimens continue to be added to the UNCP Herbarium by way of UNCP student collections and research. The Herbarium has a nearly complete representation of the vascular flora of Huggins Island (Onslow County, NC) and will soon contain the flora of Sampson's Landing (Robeson County, NC).

The Herbarium is used largely for educational purposes (BIO 3400 Plant Photo of Herbarium CabinetSystematics and ENV 2200 Field Botany), and given the near absence of duplication, its vouchers are not available for loan. Dr. Lisa Kelly, the Herbarium's director and curator, is the contact person for inquiries about the use and contents of the herbarium. All visitors should adhere to the Herbarium policies.

The Herbarium was moved to its current location on the second floor of the Oxendine Building in 2005.


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