Mathematics and Computer Science

MAT 2150 Calculus With Applications

Instructor: Raymond E. Lee, Ph.D.Semester: Summer II 2014
Class Location: SCI 1237 BTime: MTWR 10:15 am to 12:45 pm
Section: 001 

A study of functions of one variable and their graphs, also some introduction to functions of several variables. A good background in Algebra is necessary.
Topics covered will be:
Derivatives and integrals as tools that can be used to solve application problems. Special attention will be given to exponential functions with respect to growth and decay.

To provide students with an appreciation for and a better understanding of mathematical principles.
Emphasis will be on mathematical modeling to solve applications involving Biological and Business problems.

General Education Objectives
This course will address the following areas of student learning:

I Basic Skills of Communication, Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving.
II General Knowledge of Mathematics.
III Lifelong Appreciation.

Course Materials
Brief Calculus and its Applications, thirteenth edition, Goldstien, Lay, Schneider and Asmar; 2014 Pearson
Course Outline:

Chapter 0, Sections 1-6
Chapter 1, Sections 1-3 and 6-8
Chapter 2, Sections 1-7
Chapter 3, Sections 1-3
Chapter 4, Sections 1-6
Chapter 5, Sections 1-4
Chapter 6, Sections 1-5
Chapter 9, Sections 1-3
Chapter 7, Sections 1, 2, 6, 3, 4

Course Resource Links

Grade Components
Quizzes 150 points
Final 100 points

Final Grades
 A: 90-100  B+: 88  C+: 78  D+: 68  
 A-: 89  B: 80-87  C: 70-77  D: 60-67      
     B-: 79  C-: 69  D-: 55-59      

Attendance Policy
Attendance will be taken but is not a direct part of your grade for this course.
However, poor attendance tends to lower grades.
Students are responsible for all material covered even if a class is missed.

Student Conduct & Honor Code
UNCP Academic Honor Code

A few problems will be assigned from each section in order to point out the important concepts covered in that section. These problems will not be collected, however; the quizzes will be derived from the homework problems as a method of checking progress.

Quizzes and Final
There will be fifteen (15) quizzes given during the semester. Each quiz covers the previous material.
No make-up quizzes will be given. The final exam will be comprehensive and be on the last day of classes.

Other Information
Office: SCI 1229 Phone: 521-6309
Office Hours: 1:00 to 2:00 pm Monday through Thursday

Federal laws require UNCP to accommodate students with documented learning, physical, chronic health, psychological, visual or hearing disabilities.

In post-secondary school settings, academic accommodations are not automatic; to receive accommodations, students must make a formal request and must supply documentation from a qualified professional to support that request. Students who believe they qualify must contact Disability Support Services (DSS) in DF Lowry Building, Room 107 or call 910-521-6695 to begin the accommodation process. All discussions remain confidential. Accommodations cannot be provided retroactively. More information for students about the services provided by DSS and the accommodation process may be found at the following links:

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