UNC Pembroke Android Application

The Android project is a continuing project offered through CSC 4900 Advanced Software Project course. It started as a follow-on project to the UNCP iPhone project targeting mobile devices running the Android operating system.

Points of Contact
Dr. Charles W. Lillie

Android Screen Shots


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Information about the development process

The team used an abbreviated agile development process. We did this for a number of reasons:

  1. a very tight schedule, only one semester to get a working product into the Android Marketplace
  2. students were taking full course loads and did not have a lot of extra time to work on the project
  3. a mobile device application existed (iPhone app), information from that project could be used as a starting point for this project.
We had a limited number of students with a wide range of experiences. Fortunately, we had one student who had leadership skills and willing to take the lead and three or four students who had good technical and programming skills.

One goal of the Android project was to port the UNCP iPhone app to a device running the Android operating system. The existing functions were to be ported first, if time permitted additional functions would be added. The team was familiar with the development environment (Eclipse) and the implementation languages (Java and XML), so the biggest development challenge was working with the emulator. This allowed the team to start porting less complicated functions early in the process allowing them to get comfortable with the development environment and emulator.

The process went better than expected. All functions were ported with the exception of Bravecam, a live video of two campus locations. Because of technical issues they were not able to implement that function. The team added two functions, a link to the university library and a game of sixteen. They also moved all data to two databases on the device to provide a data driven application. In addition, the added a capability to store the Pine Needle news stories in a database, updating the database when internet connectivity was detected.

Information about the Course

CSC 4900. Advanced Software Project

An assigned, group or individual, in-depth programming project includes problem definition, requirements analysis, design, implementation, documentation, and testing. Spring. Credit, 4 semester hours. PREREQ: CSC 2250 and CSC 2850.

Description of what the apps do

The Android app is an informational tool allowing one to discover information about the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. The Android app is essentially the same as the iPhone app reformatted to run on the Android operating system. Through the app the user can view the latest news, search the campus map, look up course information, search the campus directories, search the university library, and more from your Android mobile device. The app includes the following features:

  • News provides links to two news features at UNCP.
    • The University Newswire is the official source of up-to-date news about UNCP and the people who make it great. The user is sent to the UNCP website for University Newswire that contains news stories about activities at and around the university. An internet connections is required to get to the web site.
    • The Pine Needle is the student newspaper of UNCP. This application links to the RSS feed from the university website and presents the articles listed through the RSS feed. An internet connection is needed to access the RSS feed, but the news stories are stored in a database on the device.
  • Departments function provides a list of all the departments at the university and features information about each department. That information includes a description of the department, a list of degrees offered by the department, the faculty and staff that are in each department, a list of courses
  • Calendar provides academic and exam schedules for the next two semesters. This information is resident in the application.
  • Map brings up a static map of the campus.
  • About UNCP provides information about the university, including a welcoming message from the chancellor, quick facts about the university, 2011 statistics about the student population, brief history of the university, traditions at the university, the community around the campus, landmarks and points of interest, the board of governors, the university mission statement, and a list of current and former chancellors.
  • Library provides a link to Mary Livermore Library, the UNCP campus library. The user can search the library?s resources.
  • Courses provides a list of all courses offered at the university listed by department.
  • Faculty and Staff is a searchable list of all faculty and staff at the university with information about each, including name, office, telephone number, and email address.
  • Services is a searchable list of services offered on campus. The list is searchable via keywords.
  • Student Directory takes the user to the university website that has a listing of all students. The listing is searchable. An internet connection is required to access this feature.
  • Game of Sixteen is a simple puzzle game to arrange tiles that will depict the school athletic logo.
  • Credits is a list of all the students that worked on the Android project and the function each performed.
Future enhancements
  • Upgrade to app and redesign functions to use the split screen features of the operating system.
  • Redesign the layout to run on multiple sized platforms.