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The iPad/iPhone projects are continuing projects offered through CSC 4900 Advanced Software Project course. They started as a result of the school acquiring a number of iPod Touch devices to be used in a class project. It has evolved to include the iPad device.

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Information about the development process

The development process used for the iPhone app had two distinct phases. In both phases the Chief Programmer Team Approach was used. In the first semester we had a team of ten students. The overall team selected the project and identified the functions and features to include in the app. One student had excellent leadership skills as well and outstanding programming skills, so he was appointed Chief Software Engineer and did most of the design and programming. Two or three students had good programming skills so they designed and implemented smaller pieces that were integrated into the app by the Chief Software Engineer. Two students designed and populated the database used to hold faculty and course information. Other students designed and conducted tests as the project evolved. Two students documented the code and the Art Department was used to design graphics for the project.

In the second semester we had a much smaller team. Two students from the first semester provided continuity, including the Chief Software Engineer and one of the supporting Software Engineers. The team decided to redesign the app to move it from a table-based interface to an icon based interface. This gave it a much more polished and completed appearance. They also cleaned up some of the functions and features and added a few more. We continued with the same Chief Programmer Team Approach where the Chief Software Engineer did major redesign work and integrated the subcomponents. The final product presented a more polished app. The development team for the iPad app consisted of two students. The task was to scale the iPhone app to take advantage of the iPad realestate. No additional features or functions were added. The development process was a Chief Software Engineer being supported a Software Engineer.

Information about the Course

CSC 4900. Advanced Software Project

An assigned, group or individual, in-depth programming project includes problem definition, requirements analysis, design, implementation, documentation, and testing. Spring. Credit, 4 semester hours. PREREQ: CSC 2250 and CSC 2850.

Description of what the apps do

The UNCP iPad and iPhone apps are informational tools allowing one to discover more about the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. The iPad app is essentially the same as the iPhone app reformatted to take advantage of the iPad real estate. Through the apps the user can view the latest news, search the campus map, look up course information, view the Bravecam, search the campus directories, and more from your iPad or iPhone. The apps include the following features:
Future enhancements