Rules for Playing Las Vegas Solitaire

The Pack. The standard 52-card pack is used.

Tableau. The tableau is created by dealing out 28 cards in seven piles as follows: The first pile is one card; the second pile has two cards, and so on up to seven in the last pile. The top card of each pile is face up; all others are face down.

To set the tableau, the player deals seven cards cross-wise from left to right. In the first deal, one card is placed face up and six are placed face down. In the second deal, one card is placed face up on the second pile, and one face down on each other pile; and so on (diagram below).

Foundations. The four aces form the foundations. As it becomes available, each ace must be played to a row above the tableau. Cards in the appropriate suit are then played on the aces in sequence - the two, then the three, and so on - as they become available.

Object of the Game. The goal is to get the four suits built onto the foundations from aces up through kings.

Building. Any movable card (from tableau, stock or talon) may be placed on a card next-higher in rank if it is of opposite color. Example: A black five may be played on a red six. If more than one card is face up on a tableau pile, all such cards must be moved as a unit. Example: the 3, 4, 5 may be moved as a unit onto 6 or 6. When there is no face-up card left on a pile, the top face-down card is turned up and becomes available.

Spaces. Only a king may fill an open space in the layout.

Stock. After the tableau is dealt, the rest of the pack forms the stock. The player turns up cards from the top of the stock one at a time, and the card may be used for building on the tableau or, if possible, played on a foundation.

Settlement. Las Vegas Solitaire is a gambling game.  A player pays to play, and once the game ends, the house pays the player for each card on the foundations. A player pays $52 (one dollar per card) to play and the house pay $5 for each card on the foundation. Thus 10 cards "upstairs" (on the foundations) would break even; 11 or more would win. Getting all 52 cards onto the foundations pays a jackpot of $208 (260-52=208).