Committee on Technology and Distance Education
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Subcommittee Name Name of Chair and Members
Distance Learning Dennis Cogswell, Co-Chair
  Debra Gohagan, Co-Chair
  Betty Cohen
Suzanne Bushfield
Field Work Sue Scher, Chair
  Deneece Ferrales, Member
   vacant position
Human Diversity Sherry Edwards, Chair
  Marie Huff, Member
Rita Rhodes, Member 
Edith C. Fraser, Member 
Human Behavior & Social Environment Marie Huff, Chair
  Sherry Edwards, Member
   vacant position
Research Scotty Massimo, Chair
   Jerry Finn, Member
   Steve Marson. Member
   Phyllis Schiller, Member
   Carol Williams, Member
Social & Economic Justice Chet Dilday, Chair
   Dorothy Marie Rizzo
   vacant position
Social Work Values & Ethics Steve Marson, Chair
  Paul Dovyak, Member
  Diane Falk, Member
  Jerry Finn, Member
Policy Lynn F. Adkins, Chair
  Steve Marson, Member
  Lisa Gebo, Member
  C. Concilla, Member
Practice Diane S. Falk, Chair
Debra Gohagan, Member
Mike Berghoef, Member
Carol Williams, Member
Dennis Cogswell, Member
Phyllis Ross, Member
Populations-at-Risk Dorothy Marie Rizzo, Chair
Liddell Madden, Member
Michael Wright, Member
Free Resources Carol Williams, Chair
Rey Martinez, Member