Book Review of The Tipping Point


Directions for the book review of The Tipping Point

The paper should be approximately 5 to 7 pages long.   The words in bold and underscored print are required to be your topical headings in your book review. Do NOT skip to a fresh page for each topical heading.   Double space with one inch margins on each side of the paper with "Times New Roman 12 font."   Use only one (1) space between topical heading and material that follows.   Violations of these rules will hurt your grade.  If you need clarification, ask questions in class.

Cover Page Do NOT copy and paste exactly as shown below,  The cover page would be in Times New Roman 12pt font like the other sections of the paper.


Student's Name

A book review of The Tipping Point

submitted for SOC 1020 from

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke

in partial fulfillment of the Bachelors' Degree