Directions for the book review of The Wild Boy of Aveyron

The paper should be approximately 5 to 7 pages long.   The words in bold and underscored print are required to be your topical headings in your book review. Double space with one inch margins on each side of the paper with "Times New Roman 12 font."   Use only one (1) space between topical heading and material that follows.   Violations of these rules will hurt your grade.  If you need clarification, ask questions in class.

[Title Page]


[Student's Name]

A book review of

The Wild Boy of Aveyron by Harlan Lane

submitted to the Sociology and Criminal Justice Department

of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke

in partial fulfillment for the Bachelors Degree

[date of submission]


[At the bottom of the title page include:]

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in the preparation or completion of this manuscript. ________________________________  Make a space to sign your name for each draft you submit for class.


Required Outline:

Warning:   Much of this book was written in the early 1800's.   Thus, the vocabulary is from the 1800's.   Following is an explanation of the diagnostic terms: Morons, Imbeciles and Idiots.  Morons had adequate learning skills to complete menial tasks and communicate. Imbeciles never progressed past a mental age of about six. Idiots were characterized by poor motor skills, extremely limited communication, and little response to stimulus.  The wild boy was diagnosed as an Idiot.  Within the book, the term Idiot is used a great deal as a medical diagnosis.   During this time, the terms  Moron, Imbecile and Idiot were used exclusively by doctors and not by the general public.