All papers are to have one inch margins (top, bottom, sides).  New Times Roman point 12 is the required font for the entire paper (with permission of professor, exceptions may be accepted for figures and tables).  The text or body of the paper must be double spaced (not triple or single).  This includes when separating topical headings from text.   Long quotes must be single spaced.  Reference section must be single spaced.  


To be submitted in New Times Roman point 12



[Student's Name], BA Candidate

[Title of Paper]

submitted to the Department of

Sociology and Criminal Justice

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke

in partial fulfillment for the Degree of

Bachelors of Arts


On the last line of cover page include and sign the statement: "I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in the preparation or completion of this manuscript. ________________________________ "








Write an abstract between 100 and 200 words.  This should be written last.
Immediately following the abstract should be FIVE key terms.





    Directions: Between two paragraphs and NO longer than two pages.   Include an explanation of your topic.


Review of Literature

    Directions: Between five to 7 pages.   Students must include scholarly citations that support the need for the assessment.  This excludes magazines, newspapers, the Bible etc.    However, scholarly citations MUST be included.   To receive a C, a minimum of 10 citations MUST be included.   Student have two options ASA or APA citation style.  ASA is recommended for Sociology majors while APA is recommended to Criminal Justice majors.  Web pages are NOT permitted to be used as a citation accept if approved by the professor.  They will ONLY be approved if the web paged is used to extract current data.


Discussion of Sample Survey

    Directions: Between one and three paragraphs -- not to go over one page.  Describe how you derived your sample.  In the number of subjects, etc.  Use your SOC/CRJ 3610 textbook for labeling your sample type.  Thus, your textbook (Chapter 8) MUST be used as a citation within this section. 



    Directions: Between one and three paragraphs -- not to go over one page.  Explain how you constructed questionnaire, instrument or survey.   You may look at other questionnaire.  If you find a questionnaire that someone wrote, you may use it.   A listing of books in that library can be found by clicking here!  Students are required to use Survey Monkey.  See the video to learn how to use Survey Monkey.  If you have experience using Survey Monkey, students can immediately go to   To gain experience using real data, all students will be required to complete each student's measurement tool.  


Results and Findings

    Directions:   Between two and five pages.   Describe the meaning of your results.   All students must demonstrate the ability to create a graph using Excel and load the graph to the final paper.



    Directions: Between one and three paragraphs.  Write a summary.


Appendix A

    Directions:  Include questionnaire, instrument or survey.