CHM 298 Assignment #9 (Due Friday, March 18 by 5:00)

Dissertation Abstracts

This assignment will require a trip to the libaray (and possibly perusal through several books) so plan accordingly.

As part of receiving a graduate degree, most students write a thesis (for a masters degree) or a dissertation (for a doctoral degree). Information about students receiving advanced degrees, as well as the abstracts of their works, are compiled in dissertation abstracts. For this assignment, you will be requried to locate information in dissertation abstracts.

1. Find the person assigned to you and their year of graduation (see the table below).

2. Go to the library, and locate dissertation abstracts.

3. Locate the assigned person in the corresponding index. Be sure you are using the science and engineering index and not the social science index. The indexes for the respective years are usually located in the May-June issue. You will probably have to look at least one ahead; for someone graduating in 1999 start checking the indexes in 2000. The indexes list names in alphabetical order and will tell you which volume and page number contains the abstract itself.

4. Using the volume and page number, loacate the abstract. Be sure that you are looking in the correct volume. (The volume number should match that of the index that you used).

5. For your resport, answer each of the following questions:

As always, let me know if you run into any problems. Have fun!

Name Person Assigned Year of Graduation
1. Acosta, Michael Narayanan, Smita 1999
2. Allan, Hassan Emran, Shayla Kristine 2000
3. Arnettt, Kristen Palcic, Jason D 2000
4. Blue, Victoria Schmidt, Shaun Eric 1999
5. Branch, Charlotte Williams, Jerome Karl 1996
6. Butler, Mary Beth Poore, Duke Donatus 1996
7. Chavis, Danielle Gallardo, Maria Teresa 1999
8. Clark, Desiree Glauser, William Allen 1988
9. Clinton, Broch Zektzer, Andrew Samuel 1986
10. Collins, Bretton Goddard, Roger A 1977
11. Collins, Christina Jackman, Thomas Andrew 1976
12.Corley, Tiffany Kalbach, Robert O'Connell 1996
13. Davis, Emily Swanson, Mark Gunnard 1998
14. Dottery, Pierre Kay, Heidi 1999
15. Harris, Andrea Hayes, James Donald 2000
16. Harris, Jamie Norris, Charles Donald 1995
17. Harris, Tashina Derby, Melissa L 2002
18. Hunt, Kayla Carvalho, Kathleen M 2000
19. Jernigan, Adam Dueno, Eric Efrain 2004
20. Karpicus, Kristyn Narayanan, Smita 1999
21. Lanoza, Crystal Emran, Shayla Kristine 2000
22. Lee, Angela Palcic, Jason D 2000
23. Locklear, Adrienne Schmidt, Shaun Eric 1999
24. Locklear, Joshua Williams, Jerome Karl 1996
25. Lorincz, Megan Gallardo, Maria Teresa 1999
26. Lowry, Jeremy Glauser, William Allen 1988
27. Oxendine, Dwight Zektzer, Andrew Samuel 1986
28. Oxendine, Gena Goddard, Roger A 1977
29. Patel, Arika Jackman, Thomas Andrew 1976
30. Perez, Maria Kalbach, Robert O'Connell 1996
31. Schonert, Ralph Swanson, Mark Gunnard 1998
32. Sinclair, Kristianne Kay, Heidi 1999
33. Smith, Jason Lamar Hayes, James Donald 2000
34. Steenrod, Keri Derby, Melissa L 2002
35. Tulloh, Jennifer Carvalho, Kathleen M 2000
36. Woodland, Melvin Dueno, Eric Efrain 2004