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ENG 1050    Composition I                                                       Web Sites for Writing and Research
ENG 1060    Composition II                                                      Research Guide for Academic Papers

HON 2010    The Humanistic Tradition II                                    Web Sites: Literature, Arts, Media
ENG 2050     World Literature: Classical to Renaissance             Literature Guide:  Interpreting Literature, Art, and Film
ENG 2060     World Literature: 17th cent to Present
ENG 2060     World Literature: 17th cent to Present (online)           Cultural Contexts for World Literature and Humanities 
ENG 3160     Victorian Literature
ENG 3420     The British Novel                                                
ENG 4010S   Seminar: Literature Adaptations in Music & Film   Guide for Literary Research 
ENG 5640S   The Victorian Age
 EED 5510     The Teaching of Writing                                       Web Sites for English Teachers

        Dr. Monika Brown, Professor of English, joined the UNC Pembroke faculty in 1982.  She teaches British literature, world literature, 
honors humanities, composition, and English education, including advanced and graduate courses on The British Novel, Literature and Arts,
Victorian Literature, and  The Teaching of Writing.   Her past teaching was at Winthrop University and at the University of Münster, Germany. 
In 1997 and 2005 she received  UNC Pembroke Outstanding Teaching Awards.  She is married to Dr. Robert W. Brown, Chair of History at
UNC Pembroke. 
        Dr. Brown's research interests include the nineteenth-century British novel and criticism of the novel, nineteenth-century British and
European literature and culture, adaptations of literature into film and music, the teaching of literature, and the teaching of writing,
especially argument and academic writing.   She has participated in NEH-sponsored seminars on composition theory, literature and music,
Goethe's Faust, and realist fiction, and she has presented papers on literature, composition, and pedagogy at regional and national conferences. 
       Her publications include articles on  Joseph Conrad’s short fiction in the Dictionary of Literary Biography;  George Eliot's criticism
in Victorians Institute Journal;  Victorian fiction criticism in Victorian Britain;  and  film adaptations of The Turn of the Screw in Mosaic
Her articles on teaching literature and critical writing appear in the CEA Critic; the Modern Language  Association's Approaches to Teaching
volumes on Madame Bovary and The Turn of the Screw; and the MLA's 2009 Teaching World Literature.  
         Her current research project, Faust in France, examines adaptations of Goethe's Faust  in French Romantic art and music drama, especially
Gounod's opera Faust.  She is also studying  the Victorian Catholic novel Father Oswald  and soundtrack as narrator in Polanski’s film Tess.
novel Father Oswald,  and narrative strategies in Polanski’s film Tess. 
       Through graduate courses, NCETA presentations, workshops and consultations for teachers, and class visits,  Dr.  Brown supports
area schools in teaching  writing (especially argument and  research papers), British and World literature (especially novels, epics, and poems),
and adaptations of literature in film.

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