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Literature Texts Online
        Project Gutenberg: many literary and historical texts
        Project Gutenberg's "top 100" classic and historical texts
        [Recommended Reading List-no poems, no links to texts]   
literature  texts&study guides
cultural artifacts:  video, audio, texts

world literature and great books texts
women writers
african-american writers
romantic women wrt.

poets' corner:
song lyrics
representative poetry, criticism, poetry terms glossary  

favorite British poems by themes
Casa Poema:  world poems by themes
poems to enjoy

hypertexts links:
texts and audio files
lterature aloud
free audio books/podcast
Literature Resources and Links 
     Literary Terms, Literary Genres, Literary Analysis
ting About Literature and Literary Research Strategies
Research Resources and Links for Humanities, Literature, and Arts
     Study Guides for Literature and Humanities
British Literature and Culture
     American Literature and Culture
     World History, World Literature, and World Cultures
     Film Analysis, Film Studies, and Media Literacy
     Visual Arts Resources
     Music Resources 

Literary Terms, Literary Genres, Literary Analysis                          return to top
glossary of literary terms (Bedford Books) by Michael Meyer                                      
glossary of literary criticism and theory terms, U. Toronto
glossary-literary&critical terms Longman
glossary of literary terms, Cambridge University
glossary of literary terms, Robert Harris
glossary of poetic terms and poet information
glossary of poetic terms, with links to poems
All-American glossary of literary terms (UNCP student-created)
literary vocabulary (for class)
literary genres and literary history guide
tragic hero definition
guide for interpreting literature and film, Monika Brown, UNC Pembroke
drama analysis, Manred Jahn, Univ. Cologne
poetry and criticism:  Representative Poetry, Toronto
interpreting poetry:  instruction, Linda Sue Grimes
literary genres and concepts for creative writers, Electronic Labyrinth                          
literary genres CUNY (avoid literary history section)

Writing About Literature and Literary Research Strategies                     return to top
writing essays about literature: Perdue OWL 
writing about fiction: UNC Chapel Hill
writing about literature (modern novels) NVCC
writing about literature, with sample essays
writing about literature:  student papers in many genres
critical essays & research papers: Norton Litweb
critical essays about novels
short critical essays by students:
student essay about a poem: "Kubla Khan"
student essay about a poem: "Frost at Midnight"
student essay comparing two poems
literary research guide from Longman
MLA Documentation

Research Resources and Links for Humanities, Literature, and Arts                  return to top
Voice of the Shuttle/UC Santa Barbara (comprehensive links)
Literary History: Indexing the Internet
Internet Public Library, Humanities
IPL Online Literary Criticism Guide (selective)  humanities gateway (with ads)
Center for History and New Media (digital humanities materials&links, teaching, research)
Andromeda (literature sites)/Rutgers
Carnegie Mellon Arts&Humanities           
The Literary Encyclopedia: authors, terms (some parts restricted)
Internet Public Library:  literary criticism sites
Literary History, Theory, Criticism Bibliography
British and American Literature (Univ. Delaware)  
Literature & language reference (UNC Pembroke library)
Cloudnet: Literature for adolescents, links to many sites
Humbul Humanities Hub/Oxford                                                                                                                 
Humanities Research Reports
Center for History and New Media  (digital humanities resources)   
best history sites                                                                                                                                       
literary periods and links (many not current):
what is culture?

Study Guides for Humanities and Literature                        return to top
cultural history:  Fiero The Humanistic Tradition
virtual library: Deborah Vess
literary timeline
Humanties Handbook
  readings and resources
humanities for medical fields:  Literature, Arts, & Medicine Database
humanities and literature study guides, by Paul Brians, Washington SU
Shmoop "cool" site for literary/poetry appreciation and study guides
World Literature guides, Diane Thompson, NVCC
World, British, American literature guides, Michael J. Cummings
World Literature guides, Fidel Fajardo-Acosta
reading group guides
literary classics: summaries & background
French literary works (guides in French), A la lettre
modernist authors and texts (British, American, world)
selected classic poems, U Toronto
plays by Shakespeare and others, Utah Shakespeare
links for theatre, dramatists, plays, Theater Database
interpretations of poets and poetry      
gothic literature, European & American:  links for authors    

British Literature, Culture, and History              return to top

British Literature and Culture Links

English literature resources, well-selected links (London School of Journalism)
Voice of the Shuttle/UC Santa Barbara 
British literature research (Concordia University)
British Library resources
britannia: culture and history
British history resources for students, National Archives
British and Irish Authors
on the Web
English Literature on the Web
British Literature topics, introductory essays (London School of Journalism):
Project Gutenberg:  British Literature history, major authors, images
Norton Anthology of British Literature supplement (primary texts, illustrations)
British texts: evolution of prose style
London: history, images, maps
      or  or
British Literature:  Medieval, Renaissance, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
  Beowulf exercise
  British Novel: rise of novel and early novels
  18th Century Novel: course materials
  early modern London-interactive map
British Literature: Romanticism   
19th century Literary England map & links to photos
19th century British culture & novelists:
Romantic links: journals, authors 
Romanticism:  chronology and web links      
Romantic Audience Project, criticism and resources
Gothic Novelists, 18th-19th century Europe 
Romantic Age Women Writers: texts & links (Birkbeck College)
Romantic authors: major sites (see Brontes under Victorian)
      Jane Austen: Republic of Pemberley    house/museum
      The William Blake Archive                  Blake images      
      Walter Scott
British Literature: Victorian Age 
The Victorian Web resources and links to topics and authors
Victorian History and Society
Victorian Research Web (journal articles)
Victorian Research Web: teaching tools
Victorian Literary Studies Archive
NINES: Nineteenth-Century Studies Online: journal articles, web sites etc
Literary Resources on the Net: Victorian, Jack Lynch
Victoriana: links to cultural sites, conferences
Victorian Women Writers' Project
Victorian London Archive (in progress)
Female Domesticity:-19th c American&European Ideal, Carey Serrano

Victorian Age Primary Sources and Contexts    
     British Library Online Gallery
     Victorian Studies: Online Teaching Anthology (primary/cultural) 
     Victorian Women Writers Project [old-lesser-known women]
     Studies of Victorian Literature, John P. Farrell  

Victorian Literature and Victorian Authors
19th century novel sites, Katherine Harris, SJSU
Victorian novel bibliography and links, Jay Clayton
Victorian novelists and poets, major sites  (see also
Brontes Bronte Parsonage Museum & Bronte Society
              Bronte Archives   
Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Browning Society
Lewis Carroll Home Page
Charles Dickens: David Perdue’s Charles Dickens Page
            Charles Allen Dickens Appreciation
            Dickens' London map
            Discovering Dickens:  Hard Times and Tale of Two Cities resources
The George Eliot Fellowship
            The Victorian Web on Eliot
The Thomas Hardy Association
Dante Gabriel Rossetti  
Christina Rossetti, Pre-Raphaelite Women Art&Poetry
Bram Stoker   The Literary Gothic
            Dracula’s Homepage, Elizabeth Miller
The Tennyson Page

British Literature: Modern and Contemporary
       Modern British novel hypertext links

American History, Literature, and Culture                                                          return to top 
Voice of the Shuttle UC Santa Barbara 
Library of Congress:  American Memory documents collection, by themes:
American Passages (literature telecourse) well-arranged resources and images
American Authors on the web
PAL resources for American literature
Norton Anthology supplement
Women's History in America
Female Domesticity:-19th c American&European Ideal, Carey Serrano

World History, World Literature, and World Cultures (see History Links,   return to top
Internet History Sourcebooks, Fordham U.
Global History resources
Modern History (after 1500) online resources
Chronology of World Cultures
World Culture Periods & Literary Terms
World Civilization, virtual library, Vess, Georgia College
World Images San Jose State U. collection of images for history, literature, arts
World/European cultures/civilization Kathi Stokes, NJ:
European history resources, prof. Hugh Dubrulle

Women's history
Women’s roles, 19th century
Women in Europe--First Wave Feminism

Norton World Literature resources
Longman World Literature, Tch Guide vol. 1
Longman World Literature, Tch Guide vol. 2
Longman World Lit: research links, glossary,9513,1543103-content,00.html
paintings from world literature

Christianity and culture
Classical: Greece--Perseus Project
    Iliad study guide:
Classical literature in translation
Ancient Rome: images

Medieval history, culture, and literature
    Printing and Gutenberg Bible    
    Dante: Divine Comedy visual tour
    Inferno read aloud (Italian)

Early Modern history, culture, literature resources
Enlightenment [with museum images]
Enlightenment history

Nineteenth Century history, literature, and culture resources
Romanticism:  Paul Brians study guide
    Goethe resources and links, the Wolf
    Goethe's Faust  Jorg Esleben, U Ottowa
    Faust in literature and arts: lists and links
Realism and Naturalism:
    Flaubert main site, in French
    Madame Bovary  award winning school site
    Madame Bovary criticism [via  iinternet]  
    Ibsen intro and links
Hedda Gabler

World history, literature, and culture resources
modern world history
    Latin America (U Texas Latin American Network Info Ctr)
    Asian cultures and literature
twentieth century  literature and culture
modernism Victoria & Albert museum
expressionism in the arts
postcolonial literatures in English
postcolonial studies, Emory U (theory, profiles of authors)
Kafka project          
          Kafka on Stage
          Metamorphosis study guide:
Achebe Things Fall Apart

Film Analysis, Film Studies, and Media Literacy                                   return to top
Internet Movie Database
Movie Review Query Engine (full-text reviews for 70,000 films)
New Movies-trailers, news, blogs
film language basics (British site):
media literacy, award-winning site by Frank W. Baker
film literacy through To Kill a Mockingbird
advanced film analysis, with movie clips (Yale University) 
film analysis questions and terms (Harvard history class)
film studies bibliography and links
film studies resources
film studies links
film history: TCM Hollywood Moguls & Movie Stars
science fiction film resources (bibliography)
film soundtracks resources:

Visual Arts Resources
                                                                                         return to top
glossary of art terms, Tate Gallery
3,600 art terms defined,
Voice of the Shuttle, UC Santa Barbara      art history links
Artsource (journals, exhibitions, resources)
Art Cyclopedia: resources, images, links
Art History Resources
Guide to Art Schools (careers in the arts)

Art History and analysis of art works         
art history resources&AP art history tests
Metropolitan Museum of Art (with chronology of art history)
Web Gallery of Art (Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassic, Romantic)
Olga's gallery       
world images San Jose State U. collection of images for history, literature, arts
ABC Gallery:  paintings for world literature
art images for education
Christian art and monuments
Paris Web Museum (via Erlangen Univ.)
National Gallery of Art                                                                             
NC Museum of Art   NC Museum, teaching resources

Music Resources                                                                     return to top
Voice of the Shuttle, UC Santa Barbara, music research links
NPR Music: news, podcasts, videos
Popular Music at MTV:  news, videos, blogs
Classical Connect:  free classical music broadcasts
Classical Music information
history of classical music
Classical Music Resources:
Classical music, interpretations, Dr. James Liu
Norton Concise History of Western Music                 
online resources for music, classical to rock
BBC audio lectures on classic instrumental works
listening guides etc
The Fabulous Songbook:  lyrics and guitar chords
analyzing songs
lyrics for songs
song annotations, links to comments
folk songs
hymns & spirituals: texts and music
songs from/for literary texts-spreadsheet
Opera Today: articles, streaming audio of operas, songs
opera aria database
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