Group Assignments

The group assignments are below. Make sure you bring to peer review sessions a coherent, legible draft of this assignment. Please do not review a person's paper who is reviewing yours. Also, do not simply exchange papers and do the review alone; I want you to complete the sheets together so that you can ask each other questions about the comments. As always,  if you are not prepared, you will not be allowed to participate in the workshop and will be counted absent. I will check the papers before peer review and decide if you have a quality draft to use during peer review. If you do not, you will not be allowed to participate and will receive an absence for the day. If I ask you to meet outside of class, and a member of the group is not prepared with a quality draft for you to review, tell that person to come and see me. Don't let your grade suffer because of someone else's lack of preparation. After you have finished, return the sheet you filled out to the writer. Spend some time looking over the comments and ask the reviewer questions if necessary. You should use these sheets to make revisions to your essays before they are due to me. Turn in the peer review sheets with the final draft of your paper. I will grade them and return each to the person who filled it out.

In order to receive a high score on these sheets, you must spend a lot of time answering the questions. I am looking for DETAILED comments and suggestions. Do not simply say that the section needs more explanation. Explain how and what you would add to the paragraph if you were rewriting it. Do NOT simply say that you made notes on the draft; I will not have the draft, so all comments must be on the sheet. Be as specific as you can; most of you will probably need to write on the back of the sheet.

Groups 105.12 TR 11:00-12:15

I. Allen, Shalonda, Josh, Michelle

II. Hannah, Richard, Robin, Julie

III. Ramon, Devan, Kathryn, Ben P.

IV. Ashley, Eric, Ben S., Brandon, Robert