Comments from Colleagues and Friends of Harold T. Parker

1.  I shall be brief about a subject that I could spend many pages discussing. I was an undergraduate at Duke in the middle 1960s, and I believe that intellectually no one had greater impact on me than Harold.  He provided a splendid example and was an excellent mentor.  Introducing me and my dorm mates in Mirecourt Hall to the life of the mind, he brought professor after professor to our lunch and dinner table. We learned what kind of people constituted the professoriat and what research was.  We learned to discuss more than our social lives and Duke's sports.  After I graduated, I could always count on Harold's concern and interest in my pursuit of French history.  He was unfailingly positive in general, though not without his critique of  the particulars.  I will miss him greatly, and I'm sure that others will too.

Jack R. Censer
Professor and Chair
Department of History and Art History
George Mason University

2.  Thank you for your message to H-France on the sad passing of Professor Parker. As someone currently working on the Council/Bureau of Commerce I had opportunity to meet and correspond with Professor Parker, who was kindly supportive of the research I am doing.

David K. Smith
H-France Editor

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