Great Cultural Epochs II

Course Outline and Assignments

Course Introduction: The Perennial Questions and the Western Cultural Tradition.

Topic I: The Florentine Renaissance Style. (Arts and Ideas [Arts], Chapter 9)

Topic II: The Roman Renaissance Style. (Arts, Chapter 10)

Topic III: The Northern Renaissance Style. (Arts, Chapter 11)

Topic IV: The Venetian Renaissance and Mannerism. (Arts, Chapter 12)

Topic V: The Counter-Reformation Baroque Style [Italy and Spain]. (Arts, Chapter 13)

Topic VI: The Aristocratic Baroque Style [France and England]. (Arts, Chapter 14)

Topic VII The Bourgeois Baroque Style [Holland]. (Arts, Chapter 15) Topic VIII The Rococo, the Enlightenment, and Other 18th-Century Styles. (Arts, Chapter 16)

Topic IX The Neoclassical Style. (Arts, Chapter 17)

Topic X The Romantic Style. (Arts, Chapter 18) Topic XI Realism, Impressionism, Symbolism. (Arts, Chapter 19)
Claude Monet and Impressionism in Painting.
Verismo Opera: Giacomo Puccini, La Boheme.
Topic XII Early 20th-Century Styles. (Arts, Chapters 20-21)
Expressionism in European Art.
Cubism and Abstract Art
Igor Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring.
Topic XIII Mid 20th-Century Styles (Post-World War II). (Arts, Chapter 22)
Modernism and Abstract Expressionism
Topic XIV Late 20th-Century Styles (1970s-1990s). (Arts, Chapter 23) ****************************************************************************
Tentative Test Dates

Test I: 15 February 2002

Test II: 01 April 2002

Test III: 7 May 2002@10:30am

Due Dates for the Papers

Topic Statement Due:  04 February 2002

Essay Due:  18 March 2002

Internet Analysis Due:  15 April 2002

Painting/Building Analysis:  TBA

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