The Humanistic Tradition I

 From the Ancient World to The Reformation

The Humanistic Tradition:  Study Questions.

For each chapter of The Humanistic Tradition that we read, I urge you to follow these steps:  Study carefully the questions and the study sheets for the tests before beginning to read.  Read the introduction and the conclusion to each assigned chapter or section; this reading should give you a general idea of the contents of the chapter.  Then skim the entire chapter or section, noting sub-headings, the reading excerpts, and important or relevant passages.  Next, read the entire chapter slowly and attentively, answering the assigned questions in writing.  Pay the pictures special attention and read the caption under each one.  By the end of each chapter, you should be able to answer all of the following questions:

1.  What is the period of historical time covered in each section or chapter?

2.  What is the geographical location of the civilization covered in the chapter?

3.  List the major movements in the humanities discussed in the chapter and give the principal characteristics of each.  Also indicate the particular historical circumstances in which each movement arose.

4.  Make note of the names of major artists, architects, composers, and writers and give at least one major work by each.  The numerous illustrations in the text are an excellent resource in answering this question; also note the tables of events and names at the beginning of each chapter and within the chapters.

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