World Civilizations to 1500
Outline 1
Ancient Near Eastern Civilization to 300BC

I.     Introduction: The Study of History.

II.    Prehistory.
       [World Civilizations, Chapter 1, 4-7]

       A. Paleolithic Period (to ca. 10,000-9,000 BC).

       B. Neolithic Period (ca. 10,000-9,000-4,000 BC).

III.  The Development of Sumerian and Egyptian Civilizations. (ca. 5000-30 BC).
       [World Civilizations, Chapter 1, 7-13]

       A. A Chronology of Sumerian (ca, 330-1550 BC) and Egyptian (ca, 5,000-30 BC) Civilizations.

       B. Sumerian and Egyptian Achievements in Government and Law.

       C. Sumerian and Egyptian Achievements in Religion.

       D. Sumerian and Egyptian Achievements in Art and Architecture.

       E. Sumerian and Egyptian Achievements in Mathematics and Science.

       F. Sumerian Cuneiform and Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

       G. Sumerian and Egyptian Society.

IV.  The Diffusion of Near Eastern Civilization (ca. 1750-800 BC).
       [World Civilizations, Chapter 1, 13-16]

      A. The Era of Invasions (ca. 1750-1600 BC).

      B. The Establishment of New Kingdoms (ca. 1600-1200 BC).

      C. Era of Small Kingdoms (ca. 1200-800 BC): The Hebrews (ca. 2000 BC-AD 135).
           [World Civilizations, Chapter 2, 39-42]

VI.  The Era of Great Empires (ca. 800-300 BC).
       [World Civilizations, Chapter 1, 14-16 & Chapter 4, 84-90]

      A. The Assyrians (ca. 745-612 BC).

      B. The Assyrian Successor States, (ca. 612-550 BC).

      C. The Persians (ca. 550-330 BC).

      D. Ancient Near Eastern Culture: Zoroasterianism.

VII. Conclusion.

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